Well, my news posts all lied – I actually just got home from my vacation early this morning. Not even sure where to begin recapping it, so I guess I’ll just get to the rambling. First off, holy crap, one hundred pages. I’m still a little freaked out over that. Thank you all so much for reading and commenting and all the great things that you do! Now on to the write-up!

You might have noticed that I like video games, and got in on a road trip to the Penny Arcade Expo(I’m sure you know what Penny Arcade is, yeah?) to see the shenanigans that’re going on in the industry right now. And man, shenanigans there are! My first shout-out is to Mike from Gearbox(you know, Borderlands?), who is working on finishing Duke Nukem Forever(No really. It’s coming out. Next year. I PLAYED it.) and is basically a crazy classy guy working on a crazy not-so-classy game. And by classy guy I mean he bought my group of Catan players drinks and then bought pizza for the whole lobby of the Sheraton. So yeah, you know what it takes to buy my loyalty, now! Duke Nukem Forever looks like it’s going to be a solid shooter and be wonderfully crass and awesome, if you’re into that sort of thing. I personally really enjoyed it!

Next thing I saw was Dragon Age 2. Imagine Dragon Age 1. Now imagine more of that, except in order to make your character do their basic auto-attack you have to mash a single button. The rogue abilities on display during the demo were pretty uninteresting, you can teleport behind a bad guy and backstab him with one attack(which doesn’t matter that much because there doesn’t seem to be any reward or incentive to stand behind enemies?) or back out of combat while dropping a smoke bomb, which I admit is kinda fun. That’s about all I experienced during the game demo, and so I have absolutely nothing nice to say about the game.

On the subject of games that came out of nowhere and stole my heart, there’s Bastion, which, well… check it out. Dynamic narration? Okay. Yes. And then there’s Firefall, a fun looking class based FPS MMO that was announced this weekend and already looks like a polished triple A title. And it’s going to be free to play with full features. I don’t know if that’s going to succeed, but I hope it does.

Nothing new from Portal 2, still looks crazy and awesome. Torchlight 2 is going to be multiplayer torchlight with 4 different classes, but they aren’t really working on the MMO thing yet. Flip flop! Okay, I think that’s enough about the games. More fun than testing these games out was hanging out in the lobby of the Sheraton with all the nerds, meeting up with my WoW guild and 35 man raiding a nice restaurant, and roadtripping down the coast meeting awesome people like Diana and Trevor. Also fun was stopping by the famous Powell’s Book Store and dropping like a hundred bucks on geeky history books and stuff.

Well, that’s hardly a complete write-up, but I guess that’s enough wall of text for now!

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  1. Jade Griffin

    Hi! Did you ever get the fan art I sent?

    • David

      I don’t think I did! Could you try sending it again? Maybe it got caught in my spam folder =(

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