There won’t be a comic this week as I am busy getting a week worth of schoolwork done in advance and also packing and doing all the other work to get myself to c2e2(and more importantly some time with my bf). Don’t fear for the comic’s health, but do fear for mine because I can’t take it when it gets below 65 degrees in the early morning in winter and I’m about to go to fracking Lake Michigan.

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  1. Zammarian

    Just be happy that its not January when your going to the Great Lakes. Up here in Western NY (Fingerlakes Region) we can get down to -15 F on some nights. and that isn’t even cold for some people in canada i know.

    btw…. BF?…. I guess they come in all shapes… not that it matters, i don’t judge.

    • Miri

      I’m guessing in this case, BF means “Best friend” and not “Boyfriend” although I could be wrong.

      • Zammarian

        could be. i probably just jumped to a conclusion and used it the way i have seen it most often. does that mean i am in the wrong? meh i will apologize now for any thing i did. Mah bad. >.>

  2. eriendil

    Hey ya; if your’e in the Chicago area, the ol’ yellow-eyed owl says HI!……..

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