First off, here’s a piece of fan art from the amazing Ran. Sorry about taking forever to post it!

Don’t forget to check out the deviantart, where she hosts more great artwork. Also check out her comic, The End!

Also added a concept drawing and a wallpaper to the gallery section. If you want a wallpaper in another resolution, just contact me or post anywhere and I’ll get it done soon as possible. Enjoy!

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Discussion (6) ¬

  1. ran

    No worries. it took me almost a week to put it up on my devart. I’ve been so sick that I haven’t really had the energy.

  2. gatherer818

    hehe, the blush is priceless. Almost as good as the one he had when she first showed up ^_^ he’s JUST old enough to like to look, and still young enough to turn so red doing so.

    Meh, he shouldn’t worry about it, I mean, she’s redder than he is, right? 😛

  3. Animie fan

    this is slightly bad 😈

    • Animie fan

      but really, shes got an odd, maybe even “older sister look of concern.”

    • David

      It’s mostly badass, actually. Her expression is really pretty accurate for a photo-style shot like this. Ah, but I shan’t spoil! Next chapter…

  4. Supertwitfan

    Awesome pic. I really need to start on my own art, and maybe get something better then the basic ‘Paint’ installed in every computer.

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