I know my posting has been terrible, but finals are rearing their ugly heads and you know what that means.

Sorry guys, it’s midterms. I’ve been doing homework all week and I still have a giant pile to get through before next week. I’ll try to get a comic up this weekend some time but I’m not sure that’ll happen. It’s super annoying because the storyline is starting to move faster now and I want to get pages up faster, but I guess sometimes life is a jerk =\ Alas. Enjoy your Halloween weekends! More than I’m going to, at least!

I am a terrible person and I really don’t do enough extraneous random doodles, so I’ll be participating in the 30 Character Challenge. I’ll try to post a few here but if you want to catch more random art from me that’s a place to go!

Also, you might have noticed that ad if you don’t have adblock. I’ll be personally participating in the Indie Games for Good Marathon early next November. It’s independent advertisement for wonderfully innovative indie games and also all the money goes straight to Child’s Play. So ya know, it would be a cool thing to donate to or watch!