I am going to be moving to yet another new update schedule. I like to call this one the ‘Dresden Codak’ schedule – I simply will not post new pages until I am happy with them. For the immediate future, at least, this is going to mean that updates will be infrequent and irregular. This is frustrating if you like the comic and want more, I know. But this is the only way Underling is going to make it to the finish line.

While this comic is a great excuse to tell a fun story with a bunch of my favorite mythological characters, its true exigence was to get myself to draw regularly and thus improve my art. It definitely worked. The first title page of Underling seriously represented the pinnacle of my artistic ability when I started this comic. The artwork I’ve been doing since I started has just been getting better and better and better. But that isn’t really reflected in the comic itself. At all. In fact, this page that’s up right now is kind of terrible, at least relative to what I’m capable of. It’s been that way for a while. Doing the comic has kind of been a chore to me recently and I’ve really been dropping the ball on expressing the story for a while now. This segment was supposed to be a bad trip for Laz and I’m not really doing it justice at all.

My old motivation for doing this comic is dead. It’s obsolete. I don’t need to force myself to draw anymore. It’s a habit now. It’s locked in. Underling can no longer function a means of just putting something out there. It now has to be a means of putting something out there that I’m proud of.

So help me God, I am going to find a way to work on this comic that makes me happy again or I am just going to give you guys the rest of it as it currently exists in notepad. I never thought I’d have the thousands of readers that I do today, and I want to thank you guys for coming here at all. I also want to apologize to the donors and commentators and everyone who has invested in the comic monetarily, emotionally, or otherwise. I hope you guys bare with me through the midlife crisis of my very first comic, and I’ll see you on the other side.

I’ve been thinking about freaking out
If I can just find the time

Sorry guys, celebrating the ending of finals by playing Diablo 3 all day – no comic for now. Updates should be way more consistent now that schools out, though.

I have been doing everything but drawing this week. If there’s an update it probably won’t be ’till Monday. Sorry D: