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  1. cwDeici

    He couldn’t see this coming? I could at 13.

    Ahh I guess he’s put upon and fed up… but then so was I. Well guess he’s not as wise.

    • Faraway

      Well at least he’s not squeamish about using whatever is necessary to stop it…

      Now that I think of it – it may evolve into a go-gather-style quest to gather all the material components that were used for the ritual (sans sulfur) and were scattered elsewhere to (DATA EXPUNGED – Spoiler for a few pages ahead)

  2. Animie fan

    oooooh shit, i know my cult rituals and bloods should not mix in more than half of them.

  3. Warriorking4ver

    Sigh…guys like this kid never seem to realize what they’re really doing until after the shit has hit the fan. he made a deal with a demon, summoning the dark lord is pretty much standard procedure in such arrangements XD

  4. Readasaur

    Wait, I don’t get it.
    Mr. Emerson, you seem to create a world where this kid is unfairly put upon and that people are stupid.
    I have to assume this is your own commentary on the world.
    So you make a hero who is unfortunate, but intelligent and… likeable…?
    Except that he just pulled some downright evil and stupid moves just now.
    Working with a murderer, and assuming that a deal with a demon and cultists will work out just great.
    …You’re sending conflicting messages here.

    • David

      I tried to create a character that would be relate-able, but not necessarily likable. Also, I’m coloring the mundane world to be a bit ridiculous and overblown to get the reader to see it through his eyes, and also – well, can’t explain much more without spoiling myself 🙂

  5. Harlekin

    Well… actually i think being the prince of darkness wouldnt be thaaat bad. Demon chicks all around and SO MUCH POWER.

    • Kage Neco

      dont flirt with cultists. and dont be one either. and NEVER try to turn the devil.

  6. RHBlauvelt

    The Ozzman cometh?

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