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  1. Picky intruder #4 from the left

    Just thought of something… Why does Lazarus have the black and red shirt, with red pants on the title page for the chapter, but a plain gray shirt with red pants on this page? Also why does your last speech bubble have more spikes than an anti ship mine? Though I like how on that long speech bubble right before has the bubbles change to sort of signify emotion… I just answered my own question I know, but why mass amounts of spikes? Every other speech bubble is ovular or rigid. But, but that one bubble is not only Pointy BUT cloudy?

  2. David

    That was a kind of crappy speech bubble, huh… I usually go over the pages the night before they go up to make sure I didn’t do anything obviously lazy, but I got brain-sapped by nyquil instead. Also there is a totally logical and story-related reason for the spontaneous clothes change 😀

  3. Picky intruder #4 from the left

    Oh well then, hey you fixed the bubbles… O_0 Your fast

  4. Aatar

    Fairly safe to say that “The plot, she thickens!” Although must be said that the plot was already rather thick. Oh well, nothing like a nice Non-Newtonian webcomic. Keep up the good work!

  5. Rich

    AAAAAAAA IM CHANGING LIKE MJ!!!!!HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol srry had to do that you be freaking out to

    • Lin


    • Dani

      Listen kid, it’s called puberty. It hits half-pints at around your age. It just seems it’s hitting you a bit harder than I expected…

  6. Umm...

    More markings!

  7. mokon

    this comic is awesome just had to state the obvious

  8. mokon

    i wish hat would happen to me so bad

  9. Readasaur

    Well, at least he’s suffering.

  10. Aslandus

    Welcome to Hellbucks, we’re happy to have you on our team, remember to always wear your black and red uniform with pride and remember to smile, do well and you might get some souls of your very own. You’ve sold us yours already, so you must work for your freedom, and once again, remember to smile!

  11. Kage Neco

    he’s one of the Kurta! someone get Kuripika!

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