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  1. Tobi

    There is obviously nothing sinister about a drop of blood.

    • Narcissistic Freak


  2. Warriorking4ver

    And with that, the world was screwed. By a little boy. Damn, never saw that coming >_< XD

  3. Umm...

    Nice sword.

  4. stranger

    ANIME style blood sacrifice ….or not……..

  5. Neo


  6. Lizzel

    I’ll give him one thing
    for a thirteen year old boy he’s got flair

  7. Kage Neco

    ummm… wheres the blood? i cant smell any iron… i want to have some blood now. *vampire smile*

  8. Sufficientlyadvancedmagic

    I love how this kid is both smart enough to realize the gains of demonic sacrifice and to question authority but also enough of a kid to think doing anything with demons and cultist who have told you virtually nothing about what is going on and only offered the “all your desires will be filled” lark is a good idea. great characterization

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