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  1. MajorTechCat

    Breathing straw!

    Why’s the 2nd and 3rd panels all cloudy? If it’s to show him being tired, maybe some cloudiness on the first would show it better.

    • David

      ATC! Been a while!

      The panels are cloudy because I got tired of drawing panels and tried to mix it up a bit. It doesn’t look that good, though. I think I do a better job of making panels more interesting over the next few issues though.

  2. MajorTechCat

    Oh oh! I could be a proof reader and help out. 😀

    • David

      Heck I hand out editor accounts pretty loosely to friends anyway XD I’ll PM you account info on DA later

  3. Picky intruder #4 from the left

    Oh look, he didn’t make it to the jungle before hes had a random encounter 😀 Hmm I see a claw is this where the Hindu cat girl part becomes relevant?

  4. Rich

    i semel somethig big happening..and i have a bad sence of smell

  5. Warriorking4ver

    LOL XD, this guy just has no luck at all does he?

  6. Kisame

    AHH!!!!!! CAT ZOMBIES!!!!

  7. Neo

    0_0 meep.

  8. rennat951

    …. random encounters….

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