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  1. Picky intruder #4 from the left

    My desire and curiosity have been piqued, good job. Now I really want to read your comic. It’s well drawn, it has more inkling of a plot then quite a few comics I have seen, it makes me want to read more, and your site doesn’t cause me to want to pull my hair out just trying to read it. Although not the best move naming your main character Lazerus. I rate thee a 9.9/10

    • David

      Thank you for your kind words!

      What’s your issue with Laz? Overly ironic? Excessively gaudy?

      • Picky intruder #4 from the left

        The name Lazarus is ancient and holds deep ties to religion, it almost screams to me, “Hey look guess where this is going!”, so yeah I find it is a little gaudy. If you where that partial to Lazarus you could of had him renamed with the demonification which I foresee to come. But I am going to stop here too late now, not my story and I am resembling the name I chose for myself far too much for my liking.

        • David

          No worries. If people didn’t have different ideas than I did there’d be no point in making a comic ;p

          I do like to beat people over the head with foreshadowing now and then, personally. I also feel that the first few strips are the place to do it, if just to let people get an idea of what the comic as a whole will be like. I also liked the irony of the name, which will be coming up later. I certainly do appreciate your feedback, though!

  2. cwDeici

    Lazarus for a name is indeed to soon imho. It’s not anything your average American would choose.

  3. Weomur

    Heh, I probably would. Just to mess with people’s heads. Maybe I should change my name…

    “Hey, my name’s Sarah, what’s yours?”
    “Like the dead guy Lazarus?”
    “The same. >:D”

    • Silver Guardian

      My mom had a dwarf hamster named Lazarus once; she called him that because he’d survived being accidentally sent through the shop-vac that we used to clean his tank.

  4. Rich

    its a name a awsome name it it self means that he was DESTEND for this to happen so sut up and read dont complain about the little things like shackabeard said..S**T HAPPENS!

  5. Tyr

    On his belt, the star, it looks from the proportions to be 6 sided, while I was expecting a 5 sided pentagram. Is that me just reading too much into it, or is that was it was supposed to be?

  6. Warriorking4ver

    awww, Lazzy has a new friend, WITH SWORDS! 😈

  7. Dread Pirate Lee

    Oooh, cute kitty girl. This comic just keeps getting better and better!!

  8. Neo

    oh sweet a catgirl!!! … Um, i mean “aw, shit, a furry?” -_-()

  9. grimmasthereaper

    its odd before you could tell he was obviusly young maybe 8 years old but somthing about how hes drawn now… he looks a lot older for some reason maybe 13 or 14

    • mokon

      maybe when he went the dimension hole thing he turned a couple of years older

  10. rennat951

    wow the furry has swords but laz has a lighter can’t wait to see what happens

  11. asianinvasion58

    She has a katar! That’s awesome!

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