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  1. Picky intruder #4 from the left

    Huh hes quick in his wits, I just hope he does not attempt to go into the thick parts of the jungle. A desert is bad enough, but a jungle filled with predators, possibly even demon predators is just plain reckless. Something tells me that he probably wont reach the jungle though just a hunch. On another note, does he require food and water now that hes a demon? Or does he need to feed off of the suffering of others? (*fingers crossed on second one*, due to possible coolness)

    • Picky intruder #4 from the left

      Also if nothing happens when you ask the question “Could this get any worse” you are in a very bad situation indeed!

  2. Picky intruder #4 from the left

    Also, also your desert is definitely not on the mortal plane. Reason 1, the tree to the right in panels one and five has leaves that somehow hang on despite not being attached. Reason 2, I am guessing all the sand colored ground is sand, (especially because those hills could quite possibly be sand dunes), trees and shrubs really cant grow there on earth. Reason 3, half the sky is d0ebf4 the other half is bcbff2 which are quite different colors, almost too different for shades of blue in a sky. The sun being on one side of the sky does not really make too much of a difference in color, of course a different sun might of course be able to do so. Reason 4, in panels 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 8 the sun is to the left, since panel 7 is supposedly in the direction Lazarus is looking the sun should be on the right., but alas it is like every other panel on the left. I suppose I made several critical flaws in my rant so feel free to point them out.
    All of these lead me to the conclusion he is not in Kansas anymore

    • David

      Yes, the scenery out here is definitely supposed to look more like a pretty painting than reality. About the sand – the area’s actually based on a certain unique real-world desert where sand dunes and banks of dirt and rock are often clustered so close together that you find plants growing in the sand. It’s quite a beautiful place.

      I’d also argue that the shades of blue aren’t that outrageous, especially in said desert. I’d post photos but I’m kind of running late to work at the moment. Thanks!

    • Din182

      I’ve seen a sky with a lot higher color difference then that

  3. Picky intruder #4 from the left

    Well that’s believable, but how come the sun is in the wrong direction on the 7th panel?

  4. ssjarchon

    Hmmm… This appears to be similar to an idea I once had, so I’m happy to see it, but I’m worried that he may have accepted the transformation to… It just feels like he hasn’t really grasped whats happened to him.

  5. Rich

    well hes like me”ok something just happened to me and i probably cang un do it… lest the collor is nice!”

  6. Lin

    Probably thinks it’s a bad dream.

  7. Warriorking4ver

    Demon in the jungle! Sounds like a song XD

  8. mjgsjmn

    He’s taking turning into a demon pretty well. I’d yell and scream and run and circles, but when I got over it, I’d probably say, “Cool, I have a tail! Wait a second….aaahh! I have a tail!

  9. mjgsjmn

    Sorry, forgot the quotation mark!

  10. Dread Pirate Lee

    Laz? Lil’ Dood, you just got turned into a demon with magical powers. Quit’cha bitchin’! Always the people who have everything who complain.

  11. Umm...

    Guess what? They are still there!

  12. mokon

    hes so lucky

  13. Jasper

    Right after he says things couldn’t get worse, it looks like hes looking right out at you……4th wall breaking sense…tingling

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