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  1. cwDeici

    Hmmm, the plot thickens. I definitely overreacted at his condemnation of the World Policeman. (Actually I prefer the British Empire myself or if it was a bit more to the left Portugal’s Novo Estada.)

  2. cwDeici

    Well, more than a bit to the left, but Portugal has such a tragic and beautiful colonial history in Africa.

    Cute art!

  3. cwDeici

    Lack of cooperation is going to kill this mission at some point by tipping the scales of success into balance and then in the end he turns or something. Or not.

  4. cwDeici

    Maybe he finds a third road, those have been popular lately.

  5. cwDeici

    btw., she’s cute

    • BigBear68

      heh cute in both her hot form and in that chibi genie demoness thingie

    • Audel

      To think, I was cnofesud a minute ago.

  6. Warriorking4ver

    I like Lilitu, in both her sexy babe form and her adorable chibi form 😀

    And would that shadowy figure be Satan/Lucifer himself or another powerful archdemon? Seems like Lil’s got plans of her own for the kid as well…

  7. Dread Pirate Lee

    Mad love to Lulitiu, in both forms (as said above) I’d love to have a pet ghosty Lili!

  8. The Jester


    Lilith variation? O:

    • David


    • reynard61

      Lilith II?

    • Zimriel

      Babylonian origin for the Lilit in the Bible. (In later Hebrew and Aramaic, the t->th after a vowel.)

  9. mokon

    awesome i love the thought of betrayal

  10. pseudoname

    the drop of a corset” as she grabs her boobs lol.

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