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  1. Phenoca

    “Act Like Us”
    “Intolerance Policy”

    Nice – this is a neat page because it was not cliche. The fighting angel vs demon silhouettes were also great.

  2. Josh

    As many ppl who know me will tell you, my motto is ” There is no problem in life that cant be solved with enough high explosives.”

    Also, the bullet holes in the desk behind the kid make me think thermite might be the least of their problems xD

  3. Silverwolf

    No. Thermite is not the correct response. C4 is the correct response.

  4. Kage Neco

    what is thermite, anyway?

    • Sufficientlyadvancedmagic

      It’s basically an explosive that burns incredibly hot rather then creating a concussive force. it can melt steel and other metals very quickly.

      I don’t remember the practical applications but dealing with schoolyard bullies seems as good a use as any for concrete melting pyrotechnics.

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