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  1. ATC

    Ohh, better. :3

    Kind of a general observation is the excess of white space. I like the different approaches to the panels, but using a different color filler would balance it out some. Not even very detailed, just some mood tone. (It was used a lot in MacHall, as an example)

  2. Picky intruder #4 from the left

    I like how your fading out around the edges of the panel in 3 is, it’s much better than panel 1 😀 Now alas I must get pickily critical what is with that last panel? It’s like the detail of the shading disappeared from everything BUT the rock on the right, nice rock by the way, would it not make sense to have everything in the same panel to be at least similar in shading amounts?
    ALSO, I assume that there is two dunes in the background, but by the way that the second one looks it could be a tidal wave, cloud mountain, but I do not know for sure so can someone elaborate?

  3. Gerazzi

    Well this is an interesting webcomic.

    Surprisingly well-written.

    I have bookmarked.

    • David

      Thank you kindly!

  4. A

    It’s a furry!
    Fucking kill it.

    • Narcissistic Freak

      oh yeah be racist to us furs( werewolves weretigers etc lupians keidrans asetei and finally the resident furs Rakshasi ) and just cause im a Asetei and from another planet does not allow racisim

    • Dread Pirate Lee

      Seriously dood. Piss off. The Nogistune don’t favor it either.

  5. Rich

    what assain?who whuld in there right minds kill a girl THAT hot?(and no not the temp you few idiouts)

    • Narcissistic Freak

      and i would do more thyan kill her >_>

    • Dread Pirate Lee

      I second that Rich.

      • Dread Pirate Lee

        Despite, ya know, Nogistune (Yay!) And Raksasha being mortal enemies ><

  6. Baetur

    WOOT!! Rakshasa!!!!!! ove those guys

  7. Warriorking4ver

    A Rajput? Uh oh, I saw those dudes on Deadliest Warrior this week, that kid is SO SCREWED if he happens across one, lol

  8. JEBmaine

    The only other time I’ve heard the name Rakshasa was on an episode of Kolchak: The Night Stalker. Awesome show.

    • Miri


      You watch Kolchak? I thought I was the only person in the modern age who had even heard of it!

      • David

        Oh man, Kolchak. I totally watched that entire series after I saw my parents watching it once. So cheesy, so bad, so *good*

  9. Lin

    Rakshasa is an Indian tiger demon/spirit, or were-tiger

    • Dani

      I’m glad I’m not the only demon nerd around here. (Although, I kinda got my knowlege from the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. READ THOSE BOOKS!)

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