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  1. Faraway

    Sucker punch!

    She is not a lady.

    • Aslandus

      That many cracks to the skull can’t be healthy…

  2. Nik

    Snap! I like this comic. I totally thought she was gonna be the predictable irritable mentor character, who helps the kid because she’s secretly all squishy at heart. She might still end up that way, but I still like your character development a lot.

    • David

      Thank you very much! And I wouldn’t worry too much about this one turning out to be a softy 🙂

  3. Jack Munroe

    Seriously folks, who doesn’t want to puch a 13 year old every now and again just because you can?

    • David

      Ha ha ha, I was a little worried that I was the only one. Middle-Schoolers are horrible.

  4. Rich

    i know how he fills…..ow

  5. Lin

    I see he can’t take a hit. heh

  6. Warriorking4ver

    Whoops, lights out XD

  7. Umm...

    She seems to be having a little too much fun…..

  8. Kisame

    Blackout from a single punch. Cat lady or now cat lady, one punch? Cmon, you gotta be kidding

    • Miri

      That cat lady happens to be from one of the most infamous tribes of Hindu demons. I seriously doubt Mr. David is kidding.

  9. Kisame


  10. mneme

    Dialogue problem: “Has humored me” doesn’t make any sense.

    Humor as a verb doesn’t mean that.

    “Has amused me”, perhaps?

  11. koolaid

    The ridiculousness of your situation has humored me, but… FALCON PAWNCH!!!1!

  12. rennat951

    thats gonna hurt in the morning

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