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  1. Donald

    Damn Good comic so far keep it up and i hope to see/read more of as soon as you can get it up loaded.

    • David

      Thank you very much!

  2. Nick

    What the guy said – Damn good comic =]. I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops =].

  3. Pyre

    Since they ARE Rakshasas, shouldn’t their hands be on backwards? Or is that purely a D&D thing?

    Just started reading this, enjoying it alot so far.

    • David

      The hands are, as far I know, a DnD thing. As is their catlike appearance. They usually look either very human or kind of goblin-like, often with extra arms and heads(A recurring aesthetic in Hinduism). I figured if they could look any way you wanted through illusion they’d look a bit on the cuter side of goblinoid.

      • Donald

        does it really matter what they??

  4. Rich

    who cares about tecnical stuff as long as it WORKS! can i get a amen out of that?

  5. Warriorking4ver

    Two men enter, one man leaves! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! 😈

    • Miri

      I think Laz can get out of THIS particular Thunderdome.

  6. Neo

    what happens if Laz just sits down and refuses to fight? or starts running?

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