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  1. cwDeici

    Well, on one hand these quests usually involve a lot of save/load, unless you’re playing ironman, but on the other hand he’s the protagonist in a story… so if this webcomic carries it to the end I’d give him roughly 2 out 3.

  2. Jason

    I dislike her.. she reminds me of the one that took my toothpaste. mean people in our mirrors

  3. Dread Pirate Lee

    I like her. A lot. But lessee…

    Tooth of a towering monster never defeated: Hm.
    Sword of a warrior beaten by a single lie:
    Half a bushel of sulfur: Sulfur comes in bushels? Uh, depending on where you live, just scoop some from your local volcano.
    Stone for every color of the prism: Easy.

    I gotta say. I’m stumped on these. How’s he gonna do it?

  4. Marscaleb

    What is she doing with her hand as she disappears? A thumbs up? Sign of the devil? It kinda looks like a finger-gun pointed mostly at the POV.

    • David

      It’s supposed to be an enthusiastic thumbs up 😛

  5. Neo

    NO. DUH. T_T() also: I seem to be running into all sorts of mirror-related trouble this week… (tip from a buddy: don’t watch Mirrors right before you go to bed…)

  6. mokon

    Tooth of a towering monster never defeated: my tall fat cousin who has never lost at street fighter
    Sword of a warrior beaten by a single lie: my brother in law who has a load of fake swords and is very gullible
    Half a bushel of sulfur: my friend lockys dad works as a Vulcanologist and has a lot of sulfur in jars
    but im lost for the last one

  7. Dani

    And she’s getting some kid to fetch these things for her?
    Even if a kid is automatcally less suspicious than an adult, I’m beginning to see how she screwed up.

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