Page Sixty: Ominous

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  1. Animie fan

    A tree, in a wasteland? OUTRAGEOUS!! It took me three hundred YEARS to torch that place, I WILL NOT TOLERATE GREENERY!!… or bluery as it were. yay i’m first

    • Supertwitfan

      I’m waiting for that tree to tell them that he truely is a good guy or something… oh wait. He isn’t. Funny thing about distiney. You never get to do what you want.

      • Animie fan

        Yeah, i never expected to run an academy for assassins, but here i am. with more target evaluations than an older brother whos little brother just got a dang BB gun. -sigh- but really, i take the time and effort to burn that place down SO WELL. AND THERES A DAMN TREE!? awesome page btw props for the arm.

        • Korfakiz

          Would you like me to fetch the napalm, ma’am?

          • Animie fan

            Ma’am? i’m a dude thank you, but yeah grab the napalm.

          • Supertwitfan

            NAAAAAAAAPAAAAAALLLLM!! Ima pyro 😛

          • Supertwitfan

            Finally got my avatar working. Hope you don’t mind me useing it David.

          • David

            Lil’ zombie pirate! I forgot I made that. Of course you can use it 🙂

          • Supertwitfan

            THANKS! It was Twit that brought me to this comic eventually. 😀 I do really like your art alot((and might consider asking you to make my character from WoW for me)) and the zombie munchkin has never really died in me. I will always, no matter what, hope that you will have the time to make the fourth episode… *looks up at the ceiling* I am ranting on again. I tend to do that. Don’t give me a limit on me typing and I’ll just go on about what I feel… … … … … *looks over what he typed and deletes few things.*

            Just realized I kinda sound weird and stakerish O.O I got to change that. Being a fan is hard…

          • Korfakiz

            My appologies, sir. Shall I begin the usual punishment of self immolation?

          • Narcissistic Freak

            another pyro YAY * huggles despit protests*

          • Korfakiz

            What protest? Huggles are awesome!

  2. Cote

    Heh, Death! Fire! Destruction! Shrubberies!



    Very good work on the comic by the way. Keep it up.



  3. Faraway

    See! I told you so! ^_^



    Hey, can anyone devise here a spider-eyes smiley please?

  4. JC13

    So much for trail of destruction.

  5. obsidiankat

    weeell in that place i would have to say a tree that looks like that well atleast alive …..yeah that would qualify as destruction especialy if someone is trying to go against there nature whether they know it or not

  6. Supertwitfan

    I like that huge hand in the third panel. Makes me think that that might have been one of the rotting gods.

  7. tWiCHY

    hooray, hot demon chick is back

    • David

      She’ll be getting a lot more air time soon :3

  8. snowgods

    Yep good comic

    @Faraway 8888-)

  9. Kazindragon

    Great comic, I like how you draw demons.

    • David

      Thanks! Cooking up wacky demon looks has been a popular pastime for near a millennium now!

  10. bob the 7th

    odd, laz does not look like any of the demons we’ve seen so far, more like a layer of demon over his human body.
    bet that one of these demons will die

    • David

      He does look different, doesn’t he? I wonder what that could mean…

    • JEBmaine

      I’m guessing that is because he is only half Demon???

      • Miri

        Considering David’s maybe-yes-maybe-no to a comment about Tieflings back a few pages?

        I’m saying that’s a safe bet.

  11. Animie fan

    @ Korfakiz, yes. and make certain your really on fire this time. yes i’m slightly a pyro.

  12. Marcus Darkstar

    Homecomings are always nice.

  13. Solario the Visored

    It’s a giant mushroom…..

    • GargoyleZoo1

      OMG SOKKA!

  14. Warriorking4ver

    LOL, I like Bub, what sort of demon is he? also, wasn’t there a second one assigned to Lilitu?

    • David

      Oh there’s quite a few more, they’re just all hanging out out of frame 🙂 We’ll see ’em next chapter!

  15. Dread Pirate Lee

    Bub…gee…I wonder… Beelzebub maybe?

    • Dani

      He IS covered in flies…

  16. Marscaleb

    So, if that fiery dinosaur-looking thing is named Bub…
    Does he have a brother named Bob?

  17. Umm...

    Nice arm.

  18. hollow

    @ solario was that an avatar reference?

  19. reynard61

    Okay, I’ve gotta ask: When did Fredrick’s of Hollywood open a store in the Underworld???

    • David

      The ability to change in and out of elaborate outfits in between scenes is a special ability possessed by a very exclusive club of villains and villainesses. True story!

  20. xscythe7x

    I just figured out that lilitu is like lilith

  21. Fren

    Looks a bit like an ash tree …

    • Dani

      If it’s rowan, it either supresses evil, or prevents ghosts from rising from dead buried near or underneath it.

  22. Dani

    I want one! Beelzebub, I mean. Although it does kind of remind me of the sand beasts from Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones, which really pissed me off! Grrrr . . . stealing my sand when I’m the Sand Prince and near death as it is. Bastards!

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