Page Sixty Two: Gatecrashers

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  1. Magus65

    aww just look at his eyes lady. Their almost puppy dog eyes. You have to let him in. …. on second thought that just makes him more dangerous!

    seriously i love that last panel he has an experession hes trying to be a good little boy and the lady is not only skeptical but far more so.

    • Faraway

      I so totally agree with you! Isn’t he just the cutest lil’ demon you’ve ever seen?!

      BTW, I’ve been told that children are ALL little demons. 😉

      And, why didn’t she mask him as well? Surely that’s not too hard is it?.. Then again, maybe naga has something more than normal human senses (it is a well-known fact there are snakes that can percieve infrared light, and/or possess immensely effective olfactory sensors on their tongues) and would have seen through the disguise.

  2. Voligne

    Just wook at his widdle demon eyes! He wont touch anything! He promises.

    You can trust that face cant you?

    • David

      “I swear, all the other stuff I broke was completely accidental!”

  3. Uhl

    He’s a teenage boy being raised by a “single” mother. “Respect” is a vague notion, at best. At least he hasn’t set anything on fire… YET. Surprisingly, he’s also keeping his mouth shut.

    • David

      Being the spawn of the Adversary probably doesn’t help his disposition, either!

  4. animeniac

    But…but, how could anyone doubt him when he’s got puppy eyes like that on ?

  5. Supertwitfan

    Look at his eyes. They are screaming “Please let me in.” Someone just gots to let him in. It’s not like Lilitu is hot on his tail with two freinds. Their busy staring at the shrubbery.

    • Animie fan

      ugh, don’t REMIND me of the shrubbery. i’m already humiliated that i missed a GIANT FUGGIN MUSHROOM!!

      • Supertwitfan

        Fine! I wont remind you of that Mushroom of destiny. Lazuras makes good puppy eyes though.

        • Animie fan

          yeah he does, but its creepy coming from a kid with HORNS! lol

          • Supertwitfan

            I have roleplayed as a Tiefling and roleplayed with people who where Tieflings. Some of the cutest moments occured. My Tieflings always ended up being good guys. Time to contemplate…

          • Miri

            Heee…. I <3 Tieflings. And Laz does make such an adorable little demon, half-demon, imp, or whatever the heck he is.

  6. Animie fan

    How could she suspect somthing with that look on its face? lolollololololol Mega props for the semi-puppy eyes.

  7. EveryZig

    Yay for people with lots of arms!

  8. Dekker

    you know who would love your naga’s? people with a armpit fetish! 😀 is cool though, she fulfills my “has snakes for hair” fetish

    • Supertwitfan

      O.o A has snake hair fetish!!! I can’t judge though. Off to killing things on WoW.((Ik it was joke))

  9. Voligne

    Eshita: Come with me if you want to live!

  10. Voligne


    I KNEW IT!

    He is the spawn of the prince isn’t he?

    • Supertwitfan

      … SHHHHHHH! You’ll ruin it…

      • Animie fan

        Nah, if he was the spawn of the prince he may have winglets. I think his father, or forebearer as it might be, was an advisor or somthing to him before stabbing the prince in the back. possibly to save his desendent… yes i believe in conspiracy theories. lol

        • Supertwitfan

          … SHHHHHHH! You’ll ruin it…

          Yes I just copy pasted that.

          • Animie fan

            That was a theory, not the story.

  11. Supertwitfan

    Theories are like stories that are not set in stone… Some famous guy said that… have yet to find out who exactly.

    • Animie fan

      Somone who smiles during a crisis, has found somone to blame. -anonymous-

  12. Warriorking4ver

    Who? Him? Oh come now, how can ya think Laz is any trouble when he has such an innocent face? 😈

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