Page Sixty Three: Snaking Corridors

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  1. Supertwitfan

    He is pretty smart… or very lucky.

    First post WOOT!!

  2. gatherer818

    her with the arm thrown over him makes him look… vulnerable. Like he needs protecting.

    Which makes him cute again. ^_^

    I think I much prefer cute-Laz to conniving-Laz….. but I’m sure we’ll get to see plenty of both =D

    Eshi is awesome, can’t wait to see Lilitu (spelled the name right?) again.

    • Faraway

      Actually, I both like his cute and his gloating look. He looks so much at ease at both of them!

      Must be a lot, lot of practice! ^_^

      BTW, we haven’t seen a Naga (or since it’s apparently a female, a Nagini) in her full glory. I wonder if a panel devoted to it comes after the raid party arrives to the temple…

      Oh, and who else thinks that both pursuing parties may arrive at the same time, one speaking of a cunning runaway and the other of a flame-flinging demonling?

    • David

      Oh, there will indeed be plenty of both! I try to keep him exactly halfway between cocksure brat and wide-eyed, idealistic child.

      • Miri

        And he looks adorable in all of them.

        And is it just me, or is your avatar from the page before this, witht he adorable puppy-eyes?

  3. Uhl

    What made Laz’ statement so convincing is that it’s TRUE. (At least from his point of view). The party hunting Eisha, (which he encountered) were acting in the typical “raider” fashion.

    • David

      Let’s just hope the hunters don’t think to reason with the gatekeeper, eh?

  4. Magus65

    Technically he told her the entire truth of their situation. Though simply mislabled the Rakshasas that were chasing them as “Raiders” if anything. The best deceptions use the most of the truth as possible though with things distorted or not being said. 🙂 makes them more plausible.

  5. Tyr

    The best lies are the ones that are not false.
    Also, good job appealing to the pride of the defender.

    • David

      Lies are terrible for storytelling, anyway! Omissions, half truths, and misleading suggestions are where it’s *at* =)

  6. Animie fan

    smoooooth 8)

  7. Silver Guardian

    Okay, I’ve probably said this before, but I’m going to say it again:

    I like him.

  8. Animie fan

    -sigh- i wish i had six arms.

    • David

      Man, I bet you could just dominate at Street Fighter Arcade if you did.

      • Animie fan

        I was thinking i could kick the crap out of three people at once, but your idea works too.

  9. Warriorking4ver

    nagas are easy to fool apparently 😈

  10. Neo

    so, Laz is the Avatar of Troublemaking, or something, right?

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