Page Sixty Six: Discussing Theological Statutes

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  1. Uhl

    When statues start talking to you, being humble is a good idea. It’s also a good idea to not P.O. people that someone who can pwn you is afraid of.

  2. Animie fan

    -drawn out carcastic voice- looooovvvvely, this is just great! The flipping STATUE is talking to him now. ugh, I need more coffee. nice page love the banter between laz and the elephant thing.

  3. Faraway

    Is it just me or the statue had its eyes highlighted in the second-to-last panel?

    It’s not too surprizing Laz is being civil – there are a LOT of proverbs about gods, temples, and foreign places. All of it best summed up as – err on the side of caution.

    Now, to put a spin on a line Ganesh said: “The differences may be more superficial than you think”

    It can be taken twoways – that this world is not unlike Earth… or that Earth is not unlike this world. 😉

  4. Voligne

    Oh my Ganesh

    Laz just got told off by the elephant god, never let him live this down!

  5. Cat

    WooHoo! The bonus material rocks!

  6. Cat

    LOL . Had to many windows and left the comet on the wrong one!

    That said, I love seeing Laz using his brains for once!

    • David

      You might quite enjoy the rest of this chapter, then! 🙂

  7. Kevin Reid
    • David

      I’ve been reading digger since it was free. I’m a big fan of Ursulav.

      I actually originally wrote it out with Ganesha showing up in person, but then I thought if you had hundreds of millions of followers you’d probably be too busy to be hanging around small temples.

      • Uhl

        Just came back from “Digger” and it’s both a great comic, and free again! There’s a handy “donate” button, but you don’t have to pay to read it or the archives now.

  8. snowgods

    Yes, was thinking of digger when I read this strip – yes it is a very good comic

  9. Supertwitfan

    Laz’es face on the 4th panel is priceless. That would be most people’s face when a statue talks to them.

    • Animie fan

      on that note, for wearing a wig in my court room. i sentence you to a kind of Hell that shouldn’t exist but does for my own personal amusement. you will be strapped to a table, your eyes forced open and you will watch Noggin for the rest of eternity. 😈 mwahahahahahahahahhaahahhaa

      • Supertwitfan

        But-but-but I’m already going to the special type of hell reserved for child malesters and people who talk in the theaters.

        Can you guess which type of person I am, your honor?

        • Animie fan

          sorry, i made them all. and your going to Noggonia! -crazy ass joker laugh- haa! hahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha!!!

          • Supertwitfan

            Soooo you made hell, eh? This man is biased and should have not been in court. This infringes on someone’s rights somewhere somehow!!!

  10. Tyr

    The fact that Ganesh can speak about it not being too different from his home means that he knows exactly where Laz came from. That is interesting…

  11. Animie fan

    I wrote the rule book. :mrgreen:

  12. Lord Ral

    ok when staues start threatening to kill you is when you must be worried

    • Lord Ral

      and/or your screwed no matter what

  13. Warriorking4ver

    even Laz knows to be polite when talking to ancient gods and deities O_O

  14. Dani

    As an atheist and a stubborn, Scottish lass, I would probably still be argueing with the statue on whether it’s a god or not. That is, until I get smited. Smitten. Smote. Whatever the past tense is for “to smite”.

    Stupid correspondance course. . .

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