Page Sixty Seven: A Truncated Revelation

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  1. Silver Guardian

    The son of the devil.

    Can you say, “Spookular?” :-j

  2. River

    The “3rd edition cleric” line is cracking me up.

    Thanks for the Digger link in the last one; I hadn’t realized it had become free to read. I made up for the last 3 years in a massive archive binge last night. (You owe me sleep.)

    • David

      It’s finals week. I’ve no sleep to give! =(

  3. Supertwitfan

    greatest reaction ever “…Dammit”

    OMG I luv that!

  4. Darkdrake

    I hope he remembered his dmm persist divine power

    Clerics ftw

  5. Splox5

    Silly raiders, even if he didn’t have the snakes he’d still have six arms. At times like this I would say “How could things possibly get worse.” just so I could see how things could get worse.

  6. JC13

    So much for temple not easily invaded, I hope Laz makes good use of that sulfuric acid from earlier.

  7. Voligne

    I called it! I called it!

    I am da man!

    who da man? Yo da man!


  8. Lin

    Hmmm…. Half-demon.

  9. Voligne

    Spawn of Satan!

    • Aslandus

      Lets see, pyromaniac… Hates authority… Thinks he’s better than everyone else… He fits the bill, but so do several people I know…. dammit

  10. kwah

    i wouldn’t want to mess with the old naga
    could probably beat the younger ones but im guessing if you lived to be that old in a dangerous place you have to be every good or very lucky in a fight

  11. Mike

    I love the 3rd panel of the Om on Ganesha’s palm ^_^

  12. Supertwitfan

    Wait? Is the lead raider Eshita’s husband???????? I just realized from the hints with the whole runaway bride and then THIS showed up on panel 5 when she stopped saying “Wait this is my-” I don’t think she was going to say rival…

    Am I a spoiler???

    • Starcat5

      I’d have gone with “Brother”, personally. It could go eather way.

      • Miri

        Or both, considering that this is a fantasy world, and in ancient days, incest wasnt’ exactly taboo like it is now in some cultures.

        I don’t know about this particular one, so if I offended some Hindu scholar who is all “HINDU WAS ONE OF THE FEW CULTURES THAT BANNED YADA YADA BLAH BLAH BLAH” I’m sorry.

  13. D.Z.

    Honestly, even from Laz, I would expect a bit more of a reaction to “you are the son of Satan” than “dammit”!

    This kid is getting jaded really, really fast.

    • Faraway

      Frankly, I would have likely reacted in the similar vein… And my next questions would have been:
      1)If my dad’s the Devil, who was that guy trying to get in by tricking me?
      2)So, did I get anything from dad, aside from tail, horns and a truckload of trouble?
      3)And by the way, who is my mother and how did she hook up with my father?

      I have my own priorities! 😉

      • David

        Alas! Answers are not forthcoming *just* yet. Now, the next chapter, on the other hand, may have a few =)

  14. Animie fan

    ML props to the naga dude. hiding a 2 liter of pop in a coat is one thing, this is another.

  15. An Oversized T-Shirt

    Dammit. More like Damian.


    *stabbed dead for terrible pun*

  16. Warriorking4ver

    Yeah, always sucks to learn you’re the son of Satan no matter what world you come from isn’t it? XD

    Anywho, very cool, super swordsman naga! >8D

  17. Umm...

    Now, let us count the number of female characters in this comic!
    -that guard chick
    -kidnapped princess (if that counts)
    -Laz’s adoptive mother
    Now, who is the lucky lady who is Mrs. Lucifer? Or at least had a child with him?

    • David

      That’s… that’s a really good question, now, isn’t it?

  18. Miri



    Your one-liners are priceless.

  19. Neo

    oh shit, Laz is the Anitchrist? good thing he’s stuck in D&D then, he’s their problem.

  20. rennat951

    hmmm… i wondered who his old man was

    • Jasper

      his old man is SATAN. the comic just said that, learn to read better before posting questions like that

      • DocSavage

        The “wondered” is past tense. It wasn’t a question.

  21. Fren

    Eh, you say ‘cleric’, I say Warrior-Priest of Sigmar.

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