Page Sixty One: Gate House

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  1. Kharn

    Yup, you do, you’re missing a lot of detail here 😛

  2. Faraway

    I think it just shows Laz is positively starved for normal contact!

  3. Supertwitfan

    I think that maken it less detailed adds to the whole Underling comic feel. Not much detail has been put into most buildings and I like it better that way. Most people don’t admire details anymore…

    • Animie fan

      That, and details on building tend to be making the buildings look old. since this thing is probably maintained fairly well it shouldn’t need too many details.

      • Supertwitfan

        Well there is some keepers of sorts, so I would say it might be decentally maintained.

  4. Varanus

    Rather amusingly, if the Rakshasi is an otherkin, Lazarus is as well. Because he’s a demon.

    Anyway, what’s his problem with furries, otherkin, and therians, or does he simply find being in a world full of ‘them’ (in quotes because most otherkin who have their heads screwed on (and I know a few) don’t claim to be supernatural, furries are merely engaging in a fun activity, and therians only lay claim to having some of the instincts and a few of the behaviors of another species) a bit much?

    Though I must agree that destiny sucks (as do black holes, which I’m sure they have there).

  5. LordJ

    Technically, an Otherkin is a human who believes that their soul (or equivalent) isn’t human, not a being that isn’t human in either body or soul. xD

    • Lin

      Question is, how many people know that.

  6. JC13

    He is totally going to anger the keepers of this place.

    • David

      And then he’s going to wish he didn’t anger the keepers of this place.

      • Supertwitfan

        Awesome picture change… Well I’d be more interested in finding out who the keepers are… Maybe more monkey people((although that would be likely in the RW sense, but in story sense, very unlikely))

        • Supertwitfan

          And you changed your picture back… or am I seeing things O.O I need my glasses fix’d

  7. Animie fan

    Umm, I didn’t read the comments so, I’m sure I’m not the first to say he’s screwed. 8)

    • Supertwitfan

      Nope. We said it in different ways, but that sums it up.

  8. Uhl

    Hmm, gatehouse? Doesn’t exactly LOOK like a gatehouse. Gatehouses usually have guard posts. This looks more like the lowerside of an aquaduct. Then again, this IS an “otherworld” area. Perhaps their architects have different “needs.” They don’t seem to care about the structural soundness of ceilings after all.

  9. Splox5

    I’m curious about the symbols on the building. There are eight different symbols (that are visible), I assume that there are twenty six symbols total (visible and obscured by the speech bubbles), unless the top middle panel only has four symbols, all of the symbols are visible twice (or at least partially visible) except one which is visible three times. So, assuming that there aren’t any symbols different than the ones we can see, each one is repeated three times except two (or one) which are (is) repeated four times… maybe. Regardless, I am clearly over analysing.

    • Miri

      Probably. Mr. David was most likely just unable to come up with more than eight different thingummies and was jsut having fun drawing thingummies. That’s what I do when I need to come up with an interesting symbol for fanart…. such as when I drew a haracter that had the Ahnleh as a tattoo, and realized that Ms. Atwater-Rhodes never described or drew an Ahnleh….

  10. Voligne


    yay more comic! I stumbled onto this and caught up with it today, I love it! MOAR MOAR I DEMAND MOAR!

    Run! Run! I am coming for you!

  11. Warriorking4ver

    …expecting a wee devil boy NOT to talk after he got himself into this much trouble already? yeah, she better gag him or they’ll both be snake chow before the day is through XD

  12. mjgsjmn

    Your building’s not THAT bad…if it were me, that building would be a big rectangle…with smaller rectangles on the inside. Then I’d make an excuse like,
    Laz: Why does that building look like something out of a 3 year-old’s drawing?
    Eshita: The people that live here are bad arcitects.
    Laz: Couldn’t they hire someone NOT from around here?
    Seriously, I’d do that.

  13. Miri

    ….How is it that nobody figured out that the keepers here are naga or snake-people? or,w ell, ahven’t read the next comic yet, so it’s just a guess, but it’s a good guess!

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