Page Sixty Five: The Gatekeeper

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  1. ~L.K.

    It updated in the middle of me wandering around your website, awesome!

  2. Bartimaeus

    Funny, this is the second comic I’ve seen with Ganesh in it… do you read Digger?

    • David

      Yes, actually, I do! And I love Digger – Ursalav reminds me a lot of Terry Pratchett, for some reason. I was actually going to link that on the next page.

      ‘Course, he’s just the first of a whole lot of gods that are going to be showing up 🙂

  3. Supertwitfan

    “Not this time though”

    Does this mean that Laz knows how to obtain souls?! I highly doupt that… although it would be cool.

    • Uhl

      I think that while he agrees, “in general” that may be the case. He explicitly exempts the deal made with himself. Further, did Mr. Naga spontaneously grow a third hand? The first panel shows a robe with only two sleeves.

      • David

        I must not have made it very clear =\ He does indeed have six arms like the first one.

        • Supertwitfan

          I see the third sleeve in the first panel. Ya I figured that he meant in general demons accept souls.

  4. Animie fan

    Wow, that god must have been f—ing with me my entire life.

  5. Mike

    Jai Ganesha! ^_^


    many much kudos for incorporation of Hinduism and the Ramayana in particular! 😀

    • David

      Thanks! I love studying world culture – I just hope I don’t offend too many people with the pulp storytelling I use on everything 😛

      Laz will be visiting plenty of other cultures before this story is done, though 😀

  6. Mike


    Ganesha, son of Shiva and Parvati is best known as the REMOVER of obstacles

    • David

      This is true! From what I understand, though, doesn’t he also place them to test people sometimes? He’s also known as the lord of obstacles sometimes. I mean, I doubt anyone ever *asks* him to do that, but y’know =P

      • Miri

        My understandign of Hindu mythology is limited at best, but yeah, if I understand correctly he removes obstacles form the path of the worthy and places them to test worthiness. Hindu gods often had more than one function relating to their primary domain, if I remember correctly, and each function had a specific aspect that went with it.

  7. msouth

    Awesome comic! Just discovered this today, very much looking forward to next update!

  8. Ryo

    How funny this is the 2nd comic I’ve fallen in love with that brings Ganesh in. Ganesh is one of the Hindu gods that I don’t know anything about but if they are as you say the god of Obstacles than it makes so much sense that he was in Digger too.

  9. Voligne

    Ugh >.<

    Something is wrong with me, I got clocked by the flu saturday, barely ate anything between then and today, and I aint hungry O_o

    other then that, can I ask this if it wont spoil any plot? Will Laz be a good demon or a bad demon?

    • David

      I guess I can say that he’s a demon with a bad disposition and good intentions. It’s an internal struggle! All dramatic-like.

      Also, stop bein’ sick!

  10. Erinsoriac

    Was the “Sup, naga” line supposed to feel like it’s a covert way of saying “Sup ni**a” that is more in line with something I’ve heard primarily on a certain MMO *cough*wow*cough*? Because I’m not gonna lie, the moment I saw that line, that was the first thing that popped to mind, considering how commonly I hear it there. >.>

    • David

      Yep. Laz is barrens chat.

    • Supertwitfan

      O.O this would be the first time I heard that.

  11. Mike

    hmm, I think some Japanese elements would be fun, a run-in with Amaterasu-ōmikami or Izanagi-no-mikoto perhaps? Or go north-west to the Isles 😀

    • Miri

      Using Japanese mythology would really make my day. I’d like to see some Kitsune, Oni, and Tengu… as well as Mr. David’s interpretation of such because of course none of the legends are clear.

  12. Warriorking4ver

    God of Obstacles, crap, probably the last god Laz ever wanted to meet XD

  13. Miri

    ….why is the God of Obstacles overseeing a door?

  14. Neo

    1: Laz has no Overlord.
    2: Laz has no idea how to do that.
    so “no” ,gramps.

  15. DocSavage

    Where did page 64 go?

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