Page Sixty Eight: Temple Tumult

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  1. MadMann135

    I find it funny that a ‘Demon’ is in better graces with a god than a native to said god’s dimension.

    • David

      In my experience, parents are way harder on their own kids than someone else’s kids. Eshi’s a demon as well, technically. Their demons just aren’t unambiguously evil 🙂

  2. Bartimaeus

    Uh-oh. Ganesh had better hurry up…

  3. Vegie

    I LOVE the second panel so much!! Also: what is it with God’s and taking their time? We get it! You’re all powerful, now hurry up already!

    • David

      Life’s no fun without piling on the drama, though!

      • Miri

        Especially if you have nothing to do other than watch and interfere in the soap opera of human (or otherwise) life.

  4. Faraway

    Now, if only they get in, their pursuers will have to negotiate passage with Ganesh… It’s not going to be easy either, methinks.

  5. OrkSkull

    you know, somehow i knew she was gonna be a reluctant bride of one of those dudes

    • Uhl

      I believe that was covered already, ie. the reason she was running away in the first place? Laz’s “pennace” at least seems genuine. Eshita’s seems to be a “front” out of desperation.

    • Supertwitfan

      I already said something about that.

  6. Rylee

    =D Awe, I’m glad Eshita’s “fiancé” is back in action (if he’s the same guy that was holding Lazarus as prisoner). No idea why but I’m fond of him…despite the fact he’s been nothing but a jerk.

    Go figure.

  7. Paul Rose

    Wow just found this comic. I’m very impressed and I have fallen in love with this comic. 10/10! I can’t wait to read the next page!

    • David

      Very happy to hear that! Thanks.

  8. Khira

    i found this last night and have it in my faved site list. LOVE it! how often do new panels get uploaded?

    • David

      Thanks! 😀 I update on Tuesdays and Fridays

  9. Animie fan

    Oh shit… thats all i can think of.

  10. Zach

    Whats funny is the god is a god of obstacles. He may just want to make some problems he can solve for some worship promises.

  11. CrazyTrain

    Why is this a webcomic and not a serialized comic in print? Seriously, it’s that good.

  12. David (DK)

    I like it, I like it a lot! Keep up the good work my friend!

  13. Warriorking4ver

    I love how Eshita looks when she tries to play the devotee XD

  14. Neo

    Ooh, runaway bride!

  15. rennat951

    hey david i just noticed that the rakshasi people are wearing skirts whats with that?

    • David

      If it helps, they’re chainmail skirts!

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