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  1. cwDeici

    Aaaand if he was in charge?
    Guess he is meant to be immature then. ^^
    Ruling the world is quite hard.

  2. Faraway

    Heh. When you see a HAWT! hot girl in the mirror, it means one of the following:
    —You are a HAWT! hot girl and it is to be expected
    —Someone or something made you one. Freak out at your leasure
    —What else? Ohh, right! A call from another world!!

  3. Josh

    She may be attractive, but the horns and pointed tail would cause me to
    A: break out the holy water and crucifixs,
    B: take ANYTHING she says with a mega-f**k-ton of salt,
    C:run for the nearest church, and
    D: do all of the above whilst screaming my fool head off.

    • Dread Pirate Lee

      Dood, the horns and pointy tail make her MORE attractive (in my not-so-humble-opinion) *Checks mirror for swirly thing)

  4. Lin

    Heh not even that would freak me out unfortunately. I would go find another mirror.

    • Silver Guardian

      After everything I’ve seen from my family, I don’t think it would bug me terribly either. :-j

      • Lin

        also unfortunately, not because of my family 🙂

  5. Warriorking4ver

    Best way to convince a bratty little boy to help the forces of Darkness destroy the world? Simple, team him up with a hottie >:3

    LOL XD, great intro, I can tell this demon chick is gonna be all manner of fun…Kid really needs to be more careful of what he wishes for XD

  6. intel_8086

    A split second after the last scene we see his

  7. intel_8086


    and I need to brush up on my html…

    • approvedjunk

      Lmao epic reaction. It may just be me, but if I suddenly saw a symbol on my mirror that was appearing all around school I’d question it for bout….half a second then just book it out of there.

      • David

        I don’t think poor Laz is scared of the things he really should be scared of. He weren’t the protagonist he’d probably be dead already XD

  8. mokon

    if i saw i chick like that in the mirror every time i brushed my teeth id brush my teeth every hour

    • Fren

      Yes, my dentist would complain that I’d be brushing all of my enamel and gum tissue away.

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