Page Seventy: Cat Fight

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  1. brak

    first. nice comic, shows much promise

  2. Gabriel

    Technically, an arm bar is a grappling move not a block.

  3. Uhl

    Nice! Now I can see why Laz likes her. Down with Mysogenists and bride beaters!

  4. Voligne

    Joo been owned!

  5. Supertwitfan

    That’s why you never beat your wife, because sometimes it will backfire into an epic fail. Like this one.

  6. Animie fan

    Like I expected, this cats just a punk.

  7. Warriorking4ver

    Behold, the power of PWN 😈

  8. kwah

    woot! hit him agean !

  9. Paul Rose

    If I could rephrase that last sentence

    “Have women that FALCON PUNCH!”

    • David

      More like, “FALCON PAUNCH!”, ‘mirite? 🙂

      • Paul Rose

        Oh also this might work. If only her punch was blue not red lol.


  10. Tyr

    Very nice.
    Also, good work on the art. This is one of the better looking webcomics that I’ve seen. Even more so for only being 70 comics in.
    Which just brought something else to my attention: Why does the url say”p=683″ when it is only 70 pages in?

    • mjgsjmn

      Oooh, mine says that too! Could it possibly be an extremely difficult mathmatic problem? Is the site owner trying to confuse us? Why do I sound like those people at the end of annoying cliff-hanger TV shows? Find out on the next episode of….COMMENTING UNDERLING!

      • mjgsjmn

        Wait a second…! All of the pages say! Why is that?

        • Supertwitfan

          Welcome to the Twilight Zone. *Twilight music*

          • mjgsjmn


  11. Dread Pirate Lee

    Honestly, I think that makes for a MUCH more attractive wife. A girl who can stand on her own two feet? Hell yeah! In the immortal words of Spike Speigel “I love a woman who can kick my ass!” But, sorry Eshita. Midna is the only fictional character who holds my heart.

    (For those keeping score at home, I’m a Nogistune Dread Pirate Vassal to Midna XD)

  12. Neo

    YYYYEEEEAAAAH!!!! Kick dat sumbitch’s arse!

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