Page Seventy Two: Hasty Departures

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  1. Paul Rose

    When it comes to portals I can only think of two things that had big impact on my child hood. Stargate SG-1 and Sliders. And in honor of the shows and If could take a guess ware they will end up here is three things. 1.) Candy Land 🙂 2.) After being in the desert some place cold (only way to keep warm is to cuddle :P) 3.) A beach with hot sexy ogre’s waiting to take your call. 😀

  2. Bartimaeus

    Hooooo boy…

  3. Weomur

    TAIL! (points at it)

    Sorry, it just makes me laugh for some reason. 😀

  4. David (DK)

    Oh gods… I think I see where this is going. I hope I’m wrong though…

  5. the Fansheep

    I want to see the ogre’s now xD

  6. Uhl

    At least Ganesh got a good laugh out of it.

    • Miri

      Hindu gods (and most mythological gods) did have a rather interesting sense of humor.

  7. ran

    Laz is so cute. =D Also, poor temple elder and his broken temple. Can’t wait to see where Laz ends up!

  8. Animie fan

    that. was. AWESOME!! noooo eshita!! go with the little demon brat, or he’ll die in a horrible and not at all amusing way! like dehydration. lol

    • Faraway

      Who says she won’t? After all the Remover of Obstacles never specified where Eshita and Laz would go. He may be tagging along!

  9. kwah

    i feel bad for the old guy his homes literally falling around his ears

    • David

      At least he got it better than the security guard in chapter one. This kid makes trouble everywhere he goes!

  10. Animie fan

    when i get married i’m giving her a katana. lol, sabers are so 5 centuries ago. lol

  11. Vegie

    For an incredibly smart boy, Laz you really aren’t too bright on the whole “magical doorway – portal” thing! Always get a destination first! Seriously, my lad, no more of this mystery flight crap, the airlines (portal lines, whatever) always let you down!

    Also, that is so not the last he’ll see of her, she’s gonna realise she needs his dubious help sooner or later :0)

    And bonus prize for not getting married! NEATO! How cool would be if everytime you didn’t get married, you got a cool sword – heck I’d not get married every day of the week! Which you know isn’t hard cause it’s what I do anyway! :0)

  12. Crestlinger

    Lol ‘enlightenment to restore your office’ *clicks Staples easy button

  13. mokon

    i just noticed he hasnt eaten anything in 2 days and he dosnt even seem hungry

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