Page Seventy Three: News That Matters

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  1. Faraway

    I should hope so! I can make no heads or tails of where to fit this strip!

    P.S. If you wanted to say “Exactly as planned” now is the time.

    • David

      Planned as exactly!

      I mean – dangit.

  2. Bartimaeus

    Read the text at the bottom of each ‘screen’.

    • David

      I don’t think Laz has actually failed to destroy the world yet =\

    • Temp

      Has anyone noticed they are talking about the Cold War? or is it a new one? Crap i have confused myself.

  3. The One Guy

    Cannibalistic hens? Wouldn’t that mean they’d just eat other hens. Might as well make the best of the situation and use them for an equivolent to cockfights.

  4. Weomur

    And yet they’re talking about chihuahuas. Priceless.

  5. Starcat5

    Ah, yes. The live action portion containing nothing but mindless drivel to keep ratings up, while the REAL news (For those with an IQ higher than 2) is on the ticker. I hate to say it, but the author has done his homework. I hope he came out of it ok… -_-ยก

    …no, I don’t watch TV anymore, why do you ask?

    • David

      Yeah, I’ve stopped watching everything but the occasional series or special these days. It’s far too depressing to think about the vast majority of my country spending the vast majority of their free time in front of it. If I’m going to melt my own brain, I’d rather do it having fun and playing video games.

      Also, yes, I did my homework – the chihuahua thing ACTUALLY HAPPENED ;_;

  6. Paul Rose

    Just like in real news worthless crap and leave the real news on the bottom of the screen. By the way, I F-ing hate Chihuahuas. They belong in the garbage.

    • David

      They’re so MEAN, is the thing. Like they got somethin’ to prove for being so little. Like Curley from Of Mice and Men. Or… little fuzzy Napoleons.

  7. Animie fan

    heh heh, lets not point fingers at anyone over these little “nuclear warheads”, I mean. It’s not like I sold used uranium to them or somthing. heh heh heh.

    • Supertwitfan

      But I bought them from you…

      • Animie fan

        no no no, the OTHER unstable uranium i got from that brazilian chi… I mean, nuclear warheads? those are dane ge rus.

  8. Supertwitfan

    Well I think it’s classic and acurate how news companies don’t ever give you the actual important news and more on stupid crap, while under that, the actual important news is there. Sometimes I think I read more then I listen when I watch the news.

    BTW, second panel face was awesome. She really looked like she was faking her smile and excitment.

    • David

      I wish I could say it was their fault. Sadly, they put that junk up because that’s what people watch. Stupid human nature -.-

  9. flacyosh

    has anyone else noticed the “(Hey we aren’t fox)” under the news companies name?

    • flacyosh

      sorry “( Hey, atleast we aren’t fox)”

      • Miri

        Has anyone other than ME noticed that SBC is CBS backwards?

  10. Jenn the Hen

    That’s an amazing pun on the last panal.

    • David

      Thanks! I have a friend that always makes horrible puns about everything. That’s one I came up with that he liked.

      • mrasmus

        It’s true, I did give it my “Back to Pundamentals” seal of approval for high quality single-layer wordplay.

    • JC13

      Oooooh just noticed it, yeah that pun is pretty horrible.

  11. Marscaleb

    Tiny yapping plague! Yes!

  12. Zixinus

    Is this part of the main story? I’m a bit confused.

    But yeah, a good take on modern “news”.

    If anyone would like to see more about stuff like this, I would recommend looking up “newswipe” on youtube.


    24 hour news is not news, but tabloid-entertainment that may or may not double as propaganda for whatever party affiliation is there with the guy that owns the channel.

    Paul Rose

    I dislike them for what they look like. They’re simply not dogs to me. They barely have a nose, they can’t walk properly (they have to carried and even clothed!) and I am unaware of any significant intelligence, not to mention that their small size and stature makes them useless for any task.


    Yeah, its probably because they don’t treat them like proper dogs. I once saw a guy, on a dog-training documentary no less and this guy claimed to be an expert, trying to use force, as in physical force, to teach the dog the situation at hand.

    Dogs are dogs. You don’t pick up a bulldog or a rotweiller unless truly necessary, but people treat those yapping things like they’re permanently puppies or something. Thus they grow up antisocial or too needy or develop severe misconceptions about their own worth, hence aggressiveness. With a bigger dog, people treat them better because they respect them more.

    An amazing amount of dog maltreatment can be accounted to the fact that the owners don’t know shit about dogs and don’t bother to.

    • David

      Not only is this part of the main story, it might well very be the most relevant strip to the main plot I’ve put up so far.

      But I’ve already said too much! This conversation was about chihuahuas!

  13. flacyosh

    she seems much more truthfully exited and happy about the army of cannabilistic chickens (which would just eat eachother) than the chihuahuas.

    • Uhl

      I have to wonder. Are those Vegetarian fed chickens? “Aaarrrghh! The chickens! They’re coming! RUN!!!” Ba-CKAW! “AIEEE”” (Vegerian! Yummy!)

  14. Phenoca

    Musical videogames cause violins ๐Ÿ˜›
    I play violin, and that was funny.

  15. junqstuff

    That’s the problem with TV today . . .too much sax and violins

  16. Umm...๎๎„“

    The only thing missing is something on a sex scandal and racist comments, maybe something about how silly bands are bad for your health, or something.

    The sad thing is that is what makes up quite a bit of television today. I should know, my sister adores the stuff (weeps in corner) WhY?!

  17. mokon

    i hate those little dog things

  18. AmandaPanda

    I laughed so hard at the last frame I almost peed. I hope you’re proud of yourself :-p.

    Your comic is great, the drawings are cute (I’m a girl, so that really isn’t an insult, really) and the characters are very interesting.

  19. xscythe7x

    hehe musical video games cause violins. Nice

  20. thegreatpl

    Just found the comic, good story so far (on second read through). But has anyone else noticed that it is India and Pakistan that are mentioned, and that those seem to be the cultures of that Laz has just passed through. Come to think of it, isnt there some desert on the border?

  21. KM

    I love that the scrolling thing underneath is talking about something that is actually important. Also, not all Chihuahuas are hideous. I mean, mine is, but I’m sure not all of them are… Probably… Most likely…

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