Page Seventy Six: Internal Dualogue

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  1. Kharn

    Interesting, his inner demon has appeared 😀

  2. ASP

    LOL, OMFG! love the “Error 404, Universe not found”

    • David

      The plane of existence you requested was not found.

      Did you mean to type “The Infernal Abyss”? You will automatically be redirected there in 5 seconds.

      • Miri

        HAHAHAH. I <3 teh 404z.

        Best page ever, IMHO. Lots of glwy red lines. Glowwwwwwyyyy….

  3. PrivatR

    wo……inner demon….now we need the inner angle!!!…hold it……..does he even have a inner angle anymore?….being a demon him self now??????…..well ill keep reading to find out

    • the random commenter

      heh with a name like lazarus and being from Los angeles…..he just might have an inner angel

      • littlebeast

        Angel? Who said anything about an angel? We need to see his inner angle! Come on, trig-conscience!

  4. Marscaleb

    Laaaz-yyyy! You got some ‘splainin to do!

    Actually I suspect this answers my earlier question about his shadow.

    • Marscaleb

      I don’t know why I thought that line was funny at first…

  5. Michael

    Wow, I just read everything so far and I am loving it!
    Keep up the awesomeness!

    • David

      Thank you very much! I’ll try to, I promise 🙂

  6. Bartimaeus

    “Error 404: Universe not Found”.


    • True

      Well done Stephen, spot on.The article it’s lietfd from is one of our F1000 Biology Reports, by Daniel Pomeranz Krummel, Kiyoshi Nagai and Chris Oubridge.Shall I post you the prize or give it to you next time I see you?

  7. kwah

    your inner evil hmmm i wonder what mine looks like hold on ill ask the voices in my head bbl

  8. Supertwitfan

    Why is it that everytime I hear “Welcome to the Void” I laugh my @$$ off? not only that, but you have that 404 error. Nice page

  9. Solario the Visored


  10. Paul Rose

    404 lawl. I seen my inner demon before. Nice guy he gave me some change the other day. He keeps on telling me to blow up something or set something on fire, but my inner angel has boobs. And as a man that takes priority. (.),(.) hehehe…

    • Supertwitfan

      You know what else takes priorites as a man, finding out if they are real. JUST SAYING.

      Now that I broke a line that even I made, I’m going to eat expired yogurt.

  11. Argentyros

    First off, I want to say how much I’m liking the way this is going so far. 🙂

    Second, on this particular comic, while I agree that the 404 error is highly amusing, no one else is commenting on the “hypocrite” scrawl when Laz tells the inner demon not to be a smartass, I think that is pretty funny, as is the eep at the end 😀

    Anyway, great job so far, looking forward to where this goes from here, very much.

    • Starcat5

      I only see four letters there, and if I’m not mistaken, it spells out a curse word. That, or the text is too light for my screen.

      • Miri

        You have to look real close, but I did notice it on this second look.

  12. Rand

    Does that mean his human voice is going to appear and attempt to reason with his daemon side?

    • Marscaleb

      Personally, I don’t think that is exactly what is speaking to him.
      That would suggest this demon shape is a part of his own consciousness. I suspect that it is technically a separate entity that is bound to Laz, like a shadow.
      I say technically separate because it does seem to be a part of him, but given Laz’s reaction to him, and moreover the fact that he knows about the void and Laz does not, it seems to me that they don’t *exactly* share the same mind.

  13. Animie fan

    well this reminds me WAY too much of the gate in FMA. hello wrath -waving-

  14. Kit

    The background scrawls are excellent, but why doesn’t the inner demon have feet?

    • David

      He’s kind of leaning against Laz and bending on leg inward… It would make a little more sense if it showed below the knees more, I guess =\

  15. Chameleon

    hahaha… love it…that must be how he’ll eventually look… very cool comic.. I’m glad I found it 🙂

  16. ezekial

    haha “hypocrite” didn’t notice it at first but still funny

  17. Dan Genesis

    WOO! All abord the train to ___LSD___! Trippy adventures await!

    • Dan Genesis

      For those that will undoubtedly ask, the underscores were making a reference to a rather amusing picture I saw of a neon sign that was supposed to say “HILLSDALE: The Start of Something Wonderful” – except that only the letters LSD in “Hillsdale” were actually lit.

  18. Faraway

    Okay, two things:
    1)Is that a smilie on the Laz’s belt?
    2)I hope everyone realises that there are at least three of Laz conversing?

  19. MadMann135

    Laz may be a bit of a troublemaker but considering what he could have been and turned out I say he turned out to be a pretty good kid.

  20. Fell

    what’s with the random star of david

    • Zammarian

      I cannot find it…. it does not exist…. Though my monitor is old so that may be part of the issue.

    • Zammarian

      er wait. i found it…. i just needed to crank my brightness on my monitor. >.>

  21. Apples!

    You have good artwork AND a good plot. Those are the 2 best things in a comic. Keep up the good work!

    • David

      Thank you very much!

  22. Umm...

    One of the reasons why MPD and demons should not got together.

  23. kwah

    wonder if his evil side will teach him how to use magic

  24. Summoner

    So, despite being smart, his head is empty?

  25. The Jester



  26. Stevie

    You really saved my skin with this infmrotaion. Thanks!

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