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  1. Voligne

    I’ve heard about bringin down the house but this is ridiculous.

  2. Dan Genesis

    Heh. Demonic Building Inspector.

  3. MadMann135

    He did warn them.
    I like how everyone except for the ‘demon’ was dumbfounded.

  4. Grep Agni

    Just FYI — the more concentrated the acid, the lower the pH.

    • Faraway

      So true. But I have a few explanations:
      1)He was explaining it to laymen with little to no chem knowledge. Technicalities need not apply – he had to make it short and to the point.
      2)A very infamous bane for some, is that even a low concentration acid (say, ~0.01% concentration – with ~100% dissociation ratio) will still have a very low pH of 2. Special solutions are needed to make the change slow and not drastic. So it’s more that rain has only a little reactive components inside.

      What? I was a chem student at school.

    • David

      Woops, syntax error >> This is the problem with writing for a character that’s smarter than you.

  5. Paul Rose

    All I want to know is ware the heck did he get the oven mitt? lol weird thing to just leave around.

    P.S. I’ll check out “The End” Thanks for the link 😉

    • David

      If yer gonna have acid lying around, ya better have a way of transporting it without hurting yourself 😛

      • G.Ghost

        wouldnt the acid just eat through the mitt? its not like the acid is hot or anything. also if they are transporting acids y does he have a bowl instead of a beaker?

        • David

          Acids don’t actually eat through everything quickly like that. For instance, even a powerful acid wouldn’t ‘burn’ a hole through your hand straight to the floor as it would for many sedimentary rocks – it would just ruin your flesh and cause unimaginable pain. The mitten, similarly, won’t just dissolve on contact with the acid.

          That having been said, you really, *really* want to have more than mittens when you’re playing with acid. Even if the mitts weren’t reactive to acid it could easily seep through if you spilled or splashed it and cause damage. Laz is being horribly unsafe.

          • G.Ghost

            heh ‘playing with acids’ our science teacher once showed us wat sulfuric acid does to sugar since the human body is composed of the same elements (and other stuff) and the acid made a really cool carbon ‘tower’

            and i can be ignorant in chemistry im a programming major

  6. mjgsjmn

    Woah! Laz is fast!

  7. mjgsjmn

    You always want to have your handy-dandy oven mitt with ya’!

    • David

      It’s not quite a suitable replacement for a towel in terms of traveling equipment, but it works in a pinch!

      • Gravedigger

        What about a towel stitched together from dismantled oven mitts?

        I kind of want to make one of those now. >_>

  8. Uhl

    I think he may have found the “oven mitt” as part of that “chemistry set” earlier, with the Vitriol and all. You just don’t go manipulating that stuff by hand.

  9. Animie fan

    much respect for the dive, lol

  10. Magus65

    Twice she has been aided by him, Once by delayin the dreaded monkey people and now by collapsing a entire temple down on her pursuers!

    If that doesnt give you major brownie points with a girl i dont know what will!

  11. Devilmark

    I like the last panel. The one on the right has a VERY bewildered look, while the one on the left(even though you can’t see his eyes), looks as though he’s going, “Ah crap…”

    • David

      Thanks! That last panel took a while to do x_x

  12. neojb1989

    Am I the only one with a mind so deep in the gutter that I can’t help but giggle at “Before you go down on her…” 😛

    • David

      Aw man, I didn’t even think about that XD

      Coming out of Laz, especially, though, it does sound kinda dirty.

      • MadMann135

        It only sounds dirty when you think about it.

        • Dread Pirate Lee

          I’m thinking about it!

      • neojb1989

        Mwahaha! Fear the pervertedness! 😛

        • neojb1989

          Doesn’t help that he is also wearing oven mitts in that same panel… which suggests that the act is dangerous enough to involve oven mitts haha!

    • Gravedigger

      Is that how Rakshasi typically subdue women?

  13. Anonymous Bastard

    Go little boy! save the girl and impress the morons with your big brain.

    P.S.: most schools don’t teach chemistry until the 11th grade (10th for honor students). So it won’t be wise to say that the thirteen year old picked it up from school. We’ll just say he’s a nerd… a nerd who has enough balls to put thermite in a bully’s locker xD

    • Dragon

      That depends where you go to school… I started learning chemistry in 8th grade.

    • Dread Pirate Lee

      I never learned Chemistry O-o

    • G.Ghost

      we learned chem but never got to acids cuz of a horrible student teacher

  14. David (DK)

    Chemistry ftw! If that’s what he can do in five seconds I can’t wait to see what he’ll do when he really has time!

  15. Dread Pirate Lee

    Ya know, He wins. I would have never thought of that. Then again, I have no idea how you’d make it. Although, A quote comes to mind:

    “Will you look at the size of this? It’s gotta be half a mile high, at least. It-It must have taken hundred- No, thousands of years to carve this thing. ” BOOM (Or, in this case, Tsss!!)
    “Hey, look, I made a bridge. It only took me like, what? Ten seconds? Eleven, tops”

    • Faraway

      Let’s hope his next enemy can be surprized and doesn’t have guns! 🙂

      • MadMann135

        I would not worry about guns but crossbows, longbows and spells are possible.

    • Miri


  16. Animie fan

    little billy took a drink, but now he drinks no more. for what he thought was h2o, was h2so4. (sulphiric acid) my earth science teacher, the one thing i remember from that worthless class. 😈 how very disturbing.

    • Infinity-Turtles

      I remember that, but I learned it a bit differently. It was “Billy was a chemist’s son, but now he is no more. For what he thought was h2o was h2so4.” It’s very catchy.

  17. Warriorking4ver

    Well look at Little Lazzy! Saving the damsel in distress! Could be hope for him yet…She probably could have clawed the eyes out of those morons herself though XD

    • David

      Alas, a small army of men with swords were not something she wished to test her luck with.

  18. Supertwitfan

    I wish I could just randomly scoop up some handy acid that melts away lime stone at impossible speeds. With all that said, I think that in the last panel the guy on the left is just giving up with most likely a ‘Why me?; face. Awesome.

  19. BlackKat

    Lul, Yay for acid. You my friend, are an epic writer and artist.

  20. Neo

    I guess you could say…
    (pulls down sunglasses) This just smashing!

  21. rennat951

    hehe the look on the furries is priceless


    you give yourself way to little credit in your drawing your an awesome artist!

  23. xscythe7x

    ummm… before you go down on her?

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