Page Seventy Nine: Getting the Ball Rolling

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  1. Keeva

    I love the design for the summoning circle, perhaps that could be made into a button… It’s certainly shaped like the conventional button… lol

  2. naimj33

    did you try a new way of drawing her?

    • David

      No I’m just an idiot. Fixed the arms a little bit…

  3. Supertwitfan

    I can see why you would call your comic page an epic fail, but I like the design of Lilitu on the last one. The green demon is pretty cool as well.

  4. Gamespanker

    Just a new reader checking in. Everything looks good so far. Lilitu is the big seller for me, hot!

  5. Draconis Noir

    Hang on, was that a Hindu version of an equivalent ranking daemon type thingy that she was talking to?

    • Animie fan

      many props for the REBD

  6. Animie fan

    hmm, summoning circles are always bad, but this one looks fairly tame… I dunno, this chick continues to surprise me. So it’s not impossible that it’ll be terrifying.

  7. Johnny Clockwork

    My money says that was an unbound Lilitu, and that “Lilly” is planning on using Lazarus in to change teh great game in favor of her and her as yet free sisters.

  8. Jaydub

    Where did you get the idea for the summoning circle design? Goetic drawings, Symbology book, Kabbalistic diagrams or did you just make it up out of thin air?

    • David

      Well, I’m going to go more into the thematic inspirations for the characters pretty soon, but I’ll just go ahead and say that Lilitu are heavily influenced by prehistoric/just-barely-historic Mesopotamian art. Less so for the main(red) Lilitu, for reasons I’ll explain later 🙂

      • forestenchantress

        Oh good, Mesopotamia. Now we’re getting into more familiar field of study for me.

        • David

          It is a fun subject, isn’t it?

          • Rebeca

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  9. forestenchantress

    Button ideas: “Team Lilitu” “Free Rakshasas to good home” “Mr. Crowley coming for you” Maybe some images of the comic like Lazarus in panel 4 page 44 or Lilitu in panel 4 page 49 or panel 2 page 29 with the dialogue or you could use some of your better quotes from Underling: “Just like the real world except full of destiny & furries” “Demon Child from Los Angeles” “The ridiculousness of your situation humored me” “I have a particularly bad feeling about this one” “”I regret to inform you are the son of the devil’ ‘dammit”yes exactly'” ” They only love you for your looks so buy beauty products”
    I’m just throwing out ideas. I like the quotes the other people have mentioned.

    • David

      Wow, I’ve forgotten half of those quotes already XD Good suggestions, all. Thanks.

    • Ayelen

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  10. Ice

    I recommend that you do the button of the summoning circle, ’cause summoning circles are cool.

  11. Lyla

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