Chapter Four: Dark Revelations

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  1. Faraway

    Um, will we be following Laz here, and will we see Eshita again?

    • David

      I really doubt we’ve seen the last of Eshita – I just figured out how to draw her the way I want to!

      And yes, this chapter will have some Laz in it. It will also have some other characters we’ve been missing for the last couple chapters! Good times.

      • tWiCHY

        i wanna see more lilitu, mmmm… demon

      • tWiCHY

        i wanna see more lilitu, mmmmm….hot demon

  2. The Phoenixian

    Oh hey, It’s a god of cannibal chickens!

    Or maybe not but I think we in the cult of lurkus muchus will enjoy this chapter greatly.

    After all, it has chicken gods. *Disappears.*

  3. Paul Rose

    I don’t know why but the bird skull reminds me of anime. Who knows it could just be me or that there is a hidden meaning here…..Nha I’m just a anime junkie.

    • Animie fan

      you’re thinking, “Bleach” “hollow”

      • Paul Rose

        Now that you say that it could be that, but I was also thinking of “Death Note” one of the shinigamis. lol

        • Animie fan

          never was a big fan of death note, despite my name. FMA, FLCL, Desert Punk, Code Geass, this could go on so i’ll cut it short.

    • Lisa

      I found just what I was needed, and it was entetarniing!

  4. Supertwitfan

    So those three shadows dont look evil at all. *cough* *cough*

    • Animie fan

      what have i told you about smoking sarcasm?

  5. Solario the Visored

    Ooohh, are we soon to see more demons? I like the look of it… >:)

  6. RavenMocker

    Kinda looks like the way I imagine Raven Mockers, from Cherokee lore, look.

  7. Animie fan

    I’ve always wanted a bird like that.

  8. Lithas

    My money is on Evil Lord of the Kiwi Birds.

  9. silverblob5

    Just started reading this, looks really good so far.

    Regarding the last page….considering the theme for the world he just left, is it possible that stirring up trouble in an alternate reality is actually causing that rise in tensions between India and Pakistan? Is he going to effectively mail-in the apocalypse by starting wars elsewhere?

  10. David (DK)

    Oh my… This chapter looks like something out of my bedtime stories… :3

  11. Neo

    ah, shit, now he’s got the Raven Queen’s attention, doesn’t he?

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