Page Seventy Eight: Dangerous Thoughts

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  1. Keeva

    I love the top part of the page, the repetition going on into infinity. Very mind-bending, reminds me of all the times I’ve tried reflecting a mirror into a mirror, have you ever done that? Crazy stuff.

    • Tyr

      And it’s even on the right too.

    • David

      Making comics without panels is hard x_x

  2. Dan Genesis

    Wow. I REALLY feel like I’m on some kind of acid-trip now,

  3. Bob

    1st button has got to be the “Universe Not Found” pun!

    • Miri

      Second that motion!

  4. Supertwitfan

    Nice page. Now for those buttons, I would hope there would be one with just big bold ((red)) letters with your comic title. (( Which I hope I don’t have to tell you what the title is =P ))

    I’m not too into inside jokes but the 404 universe not found would be awesome.

    One with laz making a dash on all fours would be cool.

    and that’s all I got.

  5. Supertwitfan

    Oh evil laz’es shirt reminds me of a Teekee shirt((Or however you spell it))

  6. Zammarian

    Even though i am not a girl. i think one button for the ladies should be “Prosperously Proportioned” Though that might make a better T-Shirt…

  7. Animie fan

    Messing with reality is so much fun, props for the page.

  8. Ithil

    That would be a severely cool place to just hang out (and maybe figure out what all he can do as well!) if it weren’t for Mr. ‘Let me tell you about yourself because you are so not being who you are’. They really should have thought of that when they let him be raised on earth.

  9. FupDuck

    Loved this pagetoday… Props on the “No Panals” approach.

    Button – Maybe something pin-up style with Lilitu.

  10. tWiCHY

    i like this guy

  11. AlishaShatogi

    Okay, found this comic, promptly read the entire archive…

    You have a new follower!

    Love the story, the art, everything, keep it coming with all the great work!

    • David

      Thanks a bunch! I’ll keep workin’ on it fer sure.

  12. Johnny Clockwork

    New reader, new fan. I must say, this is some great stuff! My vote would be for “error 404: Universe Not Found”

  13. Drake

    Id like to see a button of the lil pocket universe hes poking.

  14. David (DK)

    lol LOVIN IT! I had a dream like this once… and in the way of buttons, definately the 404 universe not found, but how about laz with a tough pose and fire in the background? something hellish and intense.

  15. kaz

    i found your site when started up and i was intrigued but the longer i fallowed it the more i like it its pure awesome

  16. Miri

    Dude. YOu really really need a button with chibi-Laz from where Eshita (sp?) was pointing out how he looked like a demon.

  17. Crestlinger

    Button request! that bubble scene at the top right

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