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  1. cwDeici

    Lol, funny poster… a bit hammertime, but quite true.

  2. Warriorking4ver

    Battle of the sarcastic evil bastards LOL XD

    Seriously, these two are both nuts regardless of who they’re working for, deals with devils and multiple realities and messing with dark forces is never a good idea

    • mokon

      if it could bring magic into the world im all for it

  3. Russell

    and why the potato peeler? I guess you could peel someones skin off with it. but still…

  4. Umm...

    Woah. Wasn’t Laz drawing that symbol thing a little while back at the school?

    Right now I’m just trying to find little important parts of the story I missed and blog on them.

  5. grimgin

    wow so where do they live where a guy in a purple robe and rucksack accompanied by a small child walking around in broad daylight is not stopped by the police?

    • David

      Can’t you tell by the trash on the road? It’s beautiful Hollywood!

      • Miri

        …..Well, duh.

        Or Berkely or San Francsico. Either way, it’s in California wherever it is.

  6. stranger

    99.9% of the planet…….. 6.5 billion people……. how much is that?

    not so good at math

  7. bex

    What’s going on with the car in panel 5?

    • Miri

      Going under the underpass where they’re walking.

  8. Readasaur

    What an arrogant little brat!
    Please tell me he dies.
    (Also, the billboard might be a little too subtle…)

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