Page One Hundred Two: Dive Bomb

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  1. Dude

    Knew he was dangerious!!!

    Everybody out of the multiverse!!!

    • David

      After careful consideration, I have determined that it is now time for everybody to panic.

      • Faraway

        Why panic? The big guy is army in and of itself! 😉

  2. SkitZ

    Ok… it one-shotted the hoardling. Mr. Crowley can summon/call upon minions of unusual power (with or without a fire swamp)… but let’s see how the “big boys” do battle… no pressure David.

    • the random commenter from the right

      He’s gonna tank, isn’t he?

      • BakaGrappler

        Well, lessee, the birds are obviously DPS since they one shotted the adds, and Junior was able to heal himself after drawing aggro. Must be using the old Pally rules, so I think this one goes to Crowley. As long as they don’t release a patch.

        • David

          And if all else fails, I don’t see why he couldn’t bubble hearth.

        • SkitZ

          WOW… i drop two game references and a movie reference to boot and all you got is well WOW… I’m getting old…

          • BakaGrappler

            Starcraft, WoW, and The Princess Bride.

            Look, don’t think you are the nerdiest one on the internet. I just chose the thing that allowed me to make a joke, taking it off from random commenter. That’s all.

          • SkitZ

            Exile 3, The Princess Bride, Nexus: The Jupiter Incident.

            Sorry… I was trying to make fun of my self and failed… please accept my apologies.

  3. Stripes

    This is going to be fun. >:)

  4. Umm...


  5. StarDark

    Dude, I just want to see ‘bird man’ completely shot down. Aleister Crowely II seriousely needs a chillaxative

  6. sythja

    Fire VS Feathers… hehe

    • SkitZ

      But they’re crazy feathers… insanity can’t burn…except at 1900 *c… then it burns well…

  7. kisame

    baal zebub and what army? what army would the lord of the flies use? idk… hordes of bugs?

    • Readmuch?

      ummm… you do realize the lordof the flies was just some kid tripping out looking at a pig head on a stick right? 😛

      • David

        Beelzebub translates in to Lord of the Flies. It’s where Golding got the title from =)

        • Miri

          *claps* Woo for having done more research than the other guy 😀

  8. Supertwitfan

    Lets see here, a giant piece of burning crap, VERSUS, an insane cultist wearing feathers and probably gonna get the bird flu.


  9. Anime fan

    Lame bird skull things v.s lame imp things. lol,it’s a battle of the centuries.

  10. Linus

    Hey David, awesome comic! I stumbled across it a few nights ago, and I just spent a couple hours getting current. The story definitely has long term potential. I like where you’re going with it. The faces of the monkey people are great, by the way; I laughed at the brown eyed one on page fifty four ’cause I swear it’d work as a caricature of one of my friends. Guy by the name of David, actually. I’ve got to ask, were you in the Settlers tournament at PAX this year? I read your post and was like, “hey, I might have joked with this guy over a game of Catan a couple weeks ago!” I was in the Saturday tournament, and made it to the second round on Sunday. It’s a small, coincidental world and the net isn’t that much bigger. I was so bummed when I tried to get in line for the Duke Nukem Forever exhibit on Sunday half an hour before the close of the show, and one of the guard dudes informed my posse that we were too late and that the last group of people were about to be let in. The consolation “steroids” were hilarious, though. Anyway, rock on!

    • David

      Sadly, I didn’t make it to the Settler’s tourney. Or the Small World tourney, either, though I really wanted to. If you were in the Sheraton lobby in the evenings you probably saw me playing Settlers there XD

      And thanks for reading my comic!

      • SkitZ

        Yay! David got a new fan… wow that sounded creepy…

  11. Ricochetra

    I love the little devil thing’s expression in the second to last panel.

    I hope it’s not odd that I find that thing so extraordinarily adorable.

  12. Roisin

    Finished reading through this comic, and I think I’ll be keeping a close eye on it 🙂

    • Blicks

      The trafalgar sruqae challenge looked like a lot of fun. What’s really funny though is that I own an exact pair of the rainbow underwear you guys wore for the Gangum style dance challenge. It’s actually my favorite pair!

  13. moon

    yeah u did not let us know what side the impy things are on first thats why i was confused but i figured it out

  14. eilios

    Those imp things should crouch and stick their trident things up. Then they couldn’t be squished.

  15. Rel

    I hope Bub doesn’t bite off more than he can chew, aside from Lilith he ranks among my favorite characters thus far.

  16. Just Kevin

    😛 I love it! Of all the things a spirit could do to a demi-demon or whatever those little things are! Its so funny on many levels!

  17. rennat951

    ok note to imps, you can be squashed very easily so i would suggest running (or flying) away

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