Interlude: One Demon’s Trash…

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  1. Thoth

    Well, that leaves open a way for Crowley to turn up again – perhaps with some abilities that actually work this time.

    • Aslandus

      I doubt the same trick will work twice… which trick I am talking about is up to interpretation…

  2. eriendil

    Did’nt think we’d seen the last of Mr Alistair Crowley II. Now he’s a wispy, willowy spirit stuck here with Laz, and back for more mischief.

    • Uhl

      Laz is elsewhere at the moment, thrown through a portal LITERALLY. Unless the lilitu left that portal open, spirit Crowley finds it, and actually goes through (no guarantee that he can) THEN they will be stuck together.

      • eriendil

        Why get heated and argue a silly point? Neither of them are in the earthly dimension. Who cares where they are at this point, they will eventually run into each other again. The piont I make is theyr’e both stuck in the underworls and all it’s many nooks and crannies. As to EXACTLY where, will be decided by the story to come. Ok?

  3. eriendil

    P.S. Dante’s Inferno!

  4. EveryZig

    He had a few real powers before, like not being zapped by Meph’s death ray. He just didn’t have enough to get him much of anywhere.Wonder if Crowley is going to meet Gilgamesh?

  5. Aruan

    Oh Crowley, when will you learn? You’ve been beaten twice and still are coming back for more.

    • David

      Well, the guy’s got spirit!

      A little, floaty birdskull spirit, it turns out.

      • Dooomba

        ahha! so it’s confirmed it’s Crowley and he is still not completely dead.

  6. Marscaleb

    Dun-dun DUNNNN!!!!

  7. Crestlinger

    Meh not much of a ‘teaser’ if all he’s going to do is be regulated to being a floating head like the other ones he summoned

    • Doktor J

      a) I think you mean “relegated”, not “regulated” 😉
      b) he didn’t summon any, as indicated a few pages back — the lilitu were the four “main” spirits, and they summoned the other (grey-eyed) spirits.

  8. kisame


  9. kisame

    btw from where did you get this qoute? its rly nice

    • David

      It’s from the epic of Gilgamesh, where Enki describes his experience with death and the underworld!

      • Marvelous TK

        Including the ‘So long, Shnookums!’ part? Neat.

  10. moon

    i like the commic thanks rate 1 out of .000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000002

  11. Silver Guardian

    …If memory serves, the proper phrase is “Nice gnawing you.”

    • Marscaleb

      😀 !

  12. Anime fan

    Maybe he’s something to worry about after all.

  13. Supertwitfan

    Maybe he has planned this all along @_@

    • Anime fan

      Ok, even I the conspiracist thinks thats too far. Probably nothing more than a, “If I get pwned this will save me.”. Plan.

    • eriendil

      He probably did’nt think he would be ambushed and eaten, did.nt have a plan B. Lilith obviously knew he was around and what he wanted. He certainly knew what she was doing with Laz. She used him as part of her scheme to hide Laz from daddy devil. Eliminating him as a threat and hiding Laz was probably what prompted her comment “Killing two birds with one stone. Can’t wait to see what the rest of her scheme is…

  14. Cece

    Uh-Oh. Missed a scrap. Too bad the Lilitu weren’t Clean Platers.

  15. Bartimaeus

    It’s not over, is it?

  16. Warriorking4ver

    So is Crowely still alive as somesort of evil spirit or was that just the nature of the bird skulls?

  17. pseudoname

    yay more corw crowley

  18. Marta Huggard

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  19. Captain Canuck

    Hee… We just finished reading this in class in the original cuneiform, Standard Babylonian version (from Borger’s books). Nice touch. 🙂

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