Page One Hundred Twenty Two: Let the Hunt Begin

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  1. approvedjunk

    Holy crap that is one giant angry kitty. And might I say I do find it odd that Laz runs on all fours. What is the reason behind it? I know it might be slightly faster if you are used to it but if you’re not, it seems awkward to do.

    • Draconis Noir

      The horns, tail, ears and spontaneous clothes change don’t get a blink, but this makes you start questioning?

      • Draconis Noir

        Ooops. Failed to use the italics tag properly.

      • approvedjunk

        ….Yep. Only the running on four legs confuses me.

    • Rand

      don’t diss it, he looks cool 🙂

    • mokon

      if you try it and not fall on your face it makes you faster

  2. Magus655

    He reminds me of a cat i know sprinting like that out of danger.

  3. Thoth

    Considering that it seems to be keeping up with his sprint, and that his endurance (unless it’s improved drastically since the desert) isn’t all that fantastic either, it seems like time for either (1) a stroke of luck, or (2) doing something clever.

  4. Onasaki

    Laz runs fast. Run, Laz, run. XD

  5. eriendil

    That sure doesn’t look like Eshita to me. Better haul ass, kid!

  6. TheMagister

    You enjoy doing horrible things to that kid.
    …I enjoy reading them :3

  7. Sythja

    Someone is hungry

  8. Mr. Smythe

    Bad Kitty! Don’t eat the protagonist.

  9. Stripes

    Either it’s me or it looks like Laz is turning into some type of animal not a demon-which is what I think he’s turning into. RUN LAZ!

  10. Uhl

    That may just be the way he was trained to run back home. He plays with Zymtex and all.

  11. Anime fan

    Does not cover the issue of this situation. Maybe aomething like, “Down kitty!” or, “Want some yarn?”

  12. NeithanDiniem

    Well, can you blame the cat? I’m sure human/demon is a rare delicacy… That, or kitty thinks Laz is a weird-ass rabbit, and still wants to eat him.

    Better think of something fast Laz, because that thing has feet bigger than your torso. I doooon’t think running is the ticket.

    • eriendil

      Love your pic! Really cool avatar…..

  13. eriendil

    All of the demons so far seem to have one or more powers. The demons with Lilith all did, as does she, and did’nt Laz look like he was throwing fireballs at the Vanaras? Maybe out of desperation he’ll remember. If not, he’s ktty food.

  14. infidel

    see laz
    see laz run
    see laz run away the kitty

    see laz
    see laz crap
    see laz craping pants

    see laz
    see laz swear
    see laz swear running

    nice one eyed doll reference 😀

  15. Jenn the Hen

    Is it just me or does Laz look like he had a growth spurt in the first panel?

    • eriendil

      He might be jumping out of his shoes with fright, I know I would be!

    • approvedjunk

      You gotta remember the angles here. He’s just leaning backwards.

  16. The Insomniac Poster

    You know, he’s too late for thanksgiving, but if he runs hard enough he can be it’s Christmas dinner!

  17. Godwyn

    If he hit it fast he might be able to take it. His claws did go straight through armor, at least. And it probably would not be much riskier than whatever he does end up doing 🙂

  18. rennat951

    run, Laz! run from the giant angry sabertooth kitty!

  19. Abeo

    I like how he’s running away before even confirming what his attacker is. Good surivival instincts.

  20. holden

    Crap indead

  21. eriendil

    Kitty might have gotten him right off if he had’nt given himself away by growling. Let’s see who wins the foot race…

  22. David Argall

    The point is likely academic, but big teeth like this normally mean big prey. Lions and tigers kill creatures larger than themselves with teeth about a quarter the size kitty has. So Kitty is likely an elephant hunter and our hero? is barely snack sized. Of course, most of us will grab a snack when we get the chance, but Kitty is likely not that skilled at hunting small scared demonlings.

    • Draconis Noir

      So he’s not it’s meal. I doubt he’d want to be its’ chew-toy, either.

  23. Warriorking4ver

    Wait Laz, don’t run! The Kitty just wants a hug! XD

    • Gretha

      We have over nine inches and more to come, plus the tatreremupe has been single digits for days. We need Mary’s intercession of all those who cannot afford heat and hot food. What a lovely, but disturbing photo. Almost looks as it Mary is emerging from the storm to bless us.

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