Page One Hundred Twenty Three: Richochet

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  1. Depriest

    Woop, ninja tree leaping sequence inbound.

  2. BakaGrappler
    • SoulVici

      There HAS to be a twist.

      • Dooomba

        i know! the cat can fly. :3

      • eriendil

        Maybe a pack o’ wolves coming? If it’s that many, there’s a helluva chase/pursue/rundown/fight coming!

  3. Onasaki


  4. Thoth

    Well, it was either take advantage of being more maneuverable or try to duck through somewhere that was too small for it to follow – and outmaneuvering is far more interesting than ducking down a hole or between trees.

    • David

      Ya know, I have a response to this, but I’m going to wait until the scene’s over to tell!

      • fangrider

        im guessing the tree falls on him

        • Thoth

          Treee falling, run into tree – all taking advantage of maneuverability.

    • Solario the Visored

      Also, with its size and possible strength, who’s to say it couldn’t just smash through whatever he escaped into?

  5. Doktor J

    Not to mention, large cat paws can still fit in tiny holes, with their associated large cat claws!

  6. eriendil

    He can’t run n’ duck forever, unless he finds a place to hide kitty can’t get into, he’ll just get sniffed out. Maybe someone or something will come to his rescue, like the lilitu sisters that were coming to tell him something he needed to know, perhaps? Something else might be attracted to the commotion and divert kitty’s attention long enough for Laz to escape.. Maybe the big snake will show up, or the wolves will join the hunt. If that happens all Laz can do is create a confusing meelee and get them fighting each other off, and slip away and outta there!

    • ASP

      or preferably Eshita returns, i kinda miss her

      • eriendil

        ooo, yeah, I forgot about her. I could see her taking on that big cat and WINNING!

        • David

          She’s pretty badass, I agree! And, um, I seem to remember something jungles from Chapter 3?

      • eriendil

        Whoo Hoo! You are riiiiiggghhhttt!

  7. Uhl

    Or maybe Laz will find a nice big tree limb and give Mr. Kitty a good swat on the noggin.

    • David

      I bet those sharp little demon claws could visit all kinds of unpleasantness on that kitty’s sensitive little nose.

      Of course, those sharp big cat claws could split him in two in one swipe… Cats are pretty fast with the swatting, too =(

  8. omgwtfpirates

    Watch the cat turn on a dime in less than a second.

  9. Jenn the Hen

    Laz is a ninja.

  10. eriendil

    That would be really cool to see Laz whack kitty with a branch, like Uhl said. If I were Laz, though, I’d hit him in the eyes or nose where it would really hurt him, and he’d probably get only one good shot at him…..

    • eriendil

      Whups, looking at that last panel, extreme right, doesn’t it look like the branch is breaking? Maybe kitty will get swatted after all….

  11. Abeo

    Is that tree breaking from the impact of Lazarus’s rebound or did the cat thingy take a swipe at him?

    • fangrider

      laz’s impact by the direction its tilting and im guessing itsa gonna hits teh laz

  12. moon

    i think re bound

  13. thefoxwithout

    Hola hola, great series so far, like where its going. I went for a reading binge and finished it tonight, probably would have finished a alot sooner, but I do enjoy reading the comments, and its nice to see a author talking so much with the fans on the comments board, and be more than a quck offering of thanks for praise. Can’t wait for the next update.

    p.s. Speaking of comments, since i read the one talking about crowely speaking with the voice of the doberman from up, I havent been able to get that voice out. damn you LP, Damn you to one of apperantly the many hells

    • David

      “Bring me the cone of shame!”

      Also I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the comic so far! I apologize for slacking off on reading and responding the last couple weeks – holidays are kind of a pain!

  14. yo

    Cats are amazingly agile at high speed. Really flexible joints, shock absorber, spring like muscles to retain and redirect force and claws for traction when they want to dig in. Doesn’t work on counter top though.

    They also don’t often miss like that unless it is play with your food time.

  15. Supertwitfan

    perhaps laz has actually managed to get rid of trouble by himself.

    • fangrider

      dont speak too soon now.

  16. Warriorking4ver

    WOW…So does Laz have demon agility now? XD

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