Page One Hundred Twenty Six: Dinner Time

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  1. approvedjunk

    Ooo, double teaming. DIrty trick to do, but at least Laz is smart to protect his neck.

  2. BakaGrappler

    Who knew wolves knew how to do the old “Tumble over the kneeling guy” trick. You usually only see that in kid movies but…wow it’s effective.

    And I have to say, Laz has good instincts concerning not being killed by predators. First the tiger, now the wolves. Up next, the bears!

    • CHaoS

      then T-REX!!!!

      • BakaGrappler

        Sorry Chaos, but as always, number 1 on the Threat Down…

        Is Bears.

  3. Draconis Noir

    Hmm, it would appear he DID see a late night documentary concerning wolves. Now if only he hadn’t clearly fallen asleep halfway through…..

  4. fangrider

    me thinks something cool happens next

  5. Tarmagon

    Hm. Is it just me, or does Laz seem to be missing the fact that he’s not yelling in pain from a wolf’s jaws clamped around his arm? And the way his eyes are starting to narrow. Next strip should be, interesting.

    • Ragnarokk7

      He’s sooo pissed.
      poor little wolf, e’s gonna get his a** wooped

    • Sarazu

      There’s also the lack off blood coming from said arm……

  6. eriendil

    Use your claws, kid! A good swipe to the side of the heas will do it. Remember what you did to Rohit when you gave him a taste of claw!?!

  7. eriendil

    Ooops, misspelled ‘head’. Laz, m’ boy, go for his eye or nose, now!

    • Uhl

      Laz is REALLY not in a good position to use claws on anything. One arm is in the wolf’s jaws. The other is currently the only leverage that’s keeping the wolf from pinning him to the ground (where death is certain). A more effective strategy would be to kick the wolf someplace sensitive, since the legs are currently free.

      • eriendil

        Mmmm, that’s a possibility. If Laz is supporting himself with his left arm, he would certainly end up on his back, where they want him. B ut it kinda looks to me in the last panel that his foot can’t reach a sensitive part, or has enough leverage to deliver a hard enough kick. If he goes for between wolf’s back legs, he slides dowm all the way on his back and will get pinned down. If he pulls his legs up toward wolf’s throat, there might not be enough leverage to kick hard and fast enough there either. His last option may be to bite the wolf’s nose, which Laz can reach. We’ll see how it goes down. (Good observation on your part, by the way)

        • Kittehns

          I say he should bite wolfie’s nose!!! *CHOMPZ*

  8. Dooomba

    ooooo. this is going to be interesting i see a few things that could happen.
    1. saved by a third party
    2. claws the S___ out of them
    3. learns some new devil ability
    4. dies (highly unlikely due to him being the lead in the comic)

    • Marscaleb

      If he died, where would he go?
      Probably back to his father in Hell, actually, or to the afterlife connected to whatever world he is in now.
      So, death IS an option.

    • eriendil

      I’m all for clawing the s**t out of them, or biting wolf’s nose, that would make them think twice about making Laz an entree….

  9. EOS

    He certainly seems to have good instincts all around. Though sometimes his common sense would suit him better. Not in this case though.

  10. Crestlinger

    Was wondering how a faceplant could be snuck in there lol

  11. flibble

    atleast he still has a hand free for the other wolf to chew on…. or the lion thing if it joins in.

  12. Marscaleb

    Using a buddy to trip the prey? I’ve never seen that one on Animal Planet.

    • Ragnarokk7

      that’s because it’s one of their secret ninja tactics that noone can know. the only reason we see it here and now is because the writer is an even sneaker ninja and saw the wolves practicing.
      (yes i know ure a ninja writer. no i’m not going to use it to summon up an army of pirate fans to destroy u. i personally think that pirates and ninjas should team up to fight the real threat… cyborgs.)
      -yes this is coming from a messed up mind, but no i am not on any sort of drug appointed by my docter or otherwise.

  13. Topazert

    Clever bastards….

  14. Ragnarokk7

    and @eriendil
    why haven’t u got back to me on the bet. (still waitin’ fo that mouse (it betta be deelish))

    • eriendil

      I believe I won that bet (see pg 117, first panel). But, still, I’m happy to share my catch of the nite with ya. I enjoy good quisine also. Mouse du jour or chipped mouse in cream sauce over toast (squeak on a shingle, a military favorite).

  15. Supertwitfan

    and the poor guy will never get a break

  16. tWiCHY

    i think the giant kitty is gonna save him 🙂

    • Stig Hemmer

      Go kitty go!

  17. Clara Schumann

    ONOES. Don’t eat the protagonist! But I think he’ll get along with them later ‘cuz of the chapter cover. Or at least, maybe one pack will accept him.

    And as for the throat… Maybe the giant kitty was trying to take his scruff! XD

  18. Anime fan

    His arm appears to have a lack of bleeding, is that from the tougher skin?

  19. the Fansheep

    Despite what Hollywood tells us (the dark part of it) blood needs a second to run too. And the holes in the arm (if there are any) are currently filled … with what cursed them

  20. CrazyTrain

    Laz’ll either develop some conveniently timed supernatural powers or the “old man” he’s supposed to meet will step up and save him. Those are my predictions.

    A third option is that something unexpected will happen, a fourth is that Laz will be ripped apart and die because the author is bored with this comic.

    • eriendil

      That would really suck!

  21. Warriorking4ver

    Isn’t usually, “not the face?” XD

    But yeah, I’m impressed that Laz is able to think clearly enough to shield his throat from the wolf’s bite, even more so that he has the nerve to sacrifice/risk the loss of an arm to protect his vital point.

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