Page One Hundred Twenty Seven: Divine Intervention

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  1. Depriest

    New awesome guy on the scene.

    • David

      This guy is basically the best guy out of all the guys.

      • BakaGrappler

        OMG. He’s Quetzecotl, (sp) isn’t he? Laz is making time with ALL the pantheons. Up next, Thor and the Valkyries, performing live from Vegas!

        • Miri

          Oh man, I’d love to see that!

          Also, you totally need to do a Japanese mythology world, not because of the fact that I’m an anime fan (even though I am), but because of the fact that, well, the Japanese mythos is so rich and diverse and beautiful and deadly and amazing and STUFF!!!!!!

  2. jagroq

    QUETZALCOATL!!!!!! At least i hope so. For some reason i always liked that guy.

  3. approvedjunk

    ‘Haha! Take that! Now, for an awesome pose with the sun at my back! …perfect….’ Ten bucks says that’s wha he’s secretly thinking. And hey, don’t worry bout taking time off. It’s your project and if you say you need time off, take time off. We won’t get pissed at you and demand extra updates to make up for the ones missed. Believe it or not, we readers are an understanding people!

    • David

      Well that’s good to hear!

      Also, I’m pretty sure that was more or less what he was thinking XD

  4. Thoth

    Just as well. The arm-in-mouth bit may save your throat for a few moments, but it just leads to getting your arm mangled before you get bitten some more unless something else happens.

  5. LP

    RUN! It’s Montezuma! And we all know from playing Civ that Montezuma is a prick!

  6. Onasaki

    Lol @ LP.

    Mean ol’ puppy dogs..

  7. Crestlinger

    Heh there Were more of the wolves, thought so

  8. Uhl

    Wow! Laz is a lot tougher than he looks. Arm in a wolf’s mouth, and then the arm is swatted down by a paw with claws, and it’s only scratched, as opposed to mangled and broken in several pieces?! That’s impressive!

  9. eriendil

    Well, so much for kicks, claws, arms too tough to bleed, etc. Looks like Laz has a shot at finding the so-called old man and will find out on his own what he was supposed to do, sans lilitu. That was divine intervention, indeed. With that many wolves coming down on him, the kid didn’t stand a chance.

  10. nothing

    Honestly, it looks like Obi Wan coming to save Luke from the sand people….

    • jacob

      lol exactly what i thought

      • reynard61

        “”The wolves are easily startled; but they’ll be back, and in greater numbers…”

        • eriendil

          Sand-wolves, eh?

  11. PistolOfShame

    Hm… Mr. Awesome-Man does not appear to be young. Do you think that maybe he is the Old Man?
    Also, @jacob, it is likely a homage to that scene.

  12. flibble

    well at least Laz got a cool scar out of that encounter

  13. omgwtfpirates

    Hm. Judging by this guy’s headdress, he’s either a servant of Quetzalcoatl or Quetzalcoatl himself in human form.

    • Miri

      I’d say the latter, judging by the glowing green eyes and subtly pointed teeth…

  14. Stripes

    Hello Mr. Man! Quetzalcoatl! Laz just makes all the cool friends!

  15. eriendil

    Shout-out to Dave: Don’t apologize for anything. Youv’e put out a great Webcomic and storyline. Being a webmaster myself, and doing updates for the TSA and sites, I know a thing or two about the pressure of meeting promised deadlines, especially to people you don’t DARE say no to. Have yorself A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR, and come back feelin’ good, OK?

  16. otomo


    • eriendil

      No? He deserves a holiday break like the rest of us, would’nt you think?

    • David

      I love you too, Otomo.

      • otomo

        I’m glad somebody does 😀 Still will be sad now that I’ve finally caught up on reading your comic. 🙂

        • eriendil

          I think you missed his point!

  17. ThatRandomDude

    *cheesy tooth glitter*

    • eriendil

      LOL laughing @ ThatRandomDude. Try giving credit where credit is due, “Dude”…..

      • ThatRandomDude

        I was referring to the last frame. If this were an animated comic, his tooth would sparkle once. xD

  18. Supertwitfan

    Well enjoy your R&R! Well I guess its rather odd that everyone seems to know english, unless some language translator magic thingy time continueum(sp?) is envolved.

  19. ZenSpider40

    Great detail on the mayan sword, very well done

  20. Seru Valn

    Is it Quetzalcoatl? o3o Who ever he is he looks like a cool fellow. Also, enjoy your vacation! Happy Holidays!

  21. kitttyo

    ZOMG!!! It’s Q!!!

  22. parexus

    I love the lens flare in the last frame.

  23. Warriorking4ver

    Dude, did we just meet the Jariah/Master Roshi/Yoda of Underling? XD

    P.S. didn’t know wolves attacked with their claws like cats too

  24. Elkian

    Oooh, Incan/Mayan/Aztec god?

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