Chapter 6: The Prime

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  1. Aruan

    Those eyes on the wolf look so much like Eshita’s eyes. It might be her illusion magic… LOOK OUT, LAZ! THAT SNAKE IS TOO HAPPY!

    • Marscaleb

      Happy snake is happy

      Cuz he wants to eats u!

    • toril

      not a wolf looks like a saber tooh kitty to me wolves are behind though

    • toril

      scratch that look more like thylacine and extinct austrailian lion but the tails are wrong
      the animals behind them that is

      • Eagle0600

        Thylacines are significantly thinner, and have larnger feet. Also, they’re marsupials, not lions.

        That is definitely a feline in the front and probably canines in the back. Direwolves, maybe?

  2. Tariel

    Questquoquatal! Or however you spell it! Hurrays! Mayan/Incan god time!!! JOY!

  3. Draconis Noir

    Quetzacoatl? (I think that’s how it’s spelt) If I recall correctly, he is very bad news. No, actually. ALL of the Mayan pantheon was bad news (and so was the Aztec). Run, Laz, run! Seriously, I almost feel as if he should be shouting ‘Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m the devil child, man!’

    @Aruan – I think that may be a sabre-toothed tiger. At the very least, it is almost certainly a feline creature. Those things in the back are more likely to be coyotes or jackals, or something similar. (my central american mythology is a tad rusty).

    • Miri

      Actual, Quetzalcoatl was the god of learning as well as wind and rivers, and out of the entire Mayan pantheon, he was the only one who was actually nice. he would not accept human sacrifices; there were a couple other gods that didn’t require them, but he was sthe only one who would not accept them whatsoever.

      • Dani

        It’s true. Quetz’ offerings were of butterflies and obsidian; butterflies being the carriers of souls, and obsidian being a very sacred stone. It was after the Aztecs moved in that Quetzalcoatl, whose name means “plumed serpent”, became the bloodthirsty sun god, Huitzapoctli (sp?) who demanded blood sacrifices.

        Talk about one “Hell” of a makeover. Hee hee

  4. KDef

    Draconis’s observation regarding the creature in the foreground with Laz underscores a consistency in the author’s style. That being:
    The reason the eyes in the eyes in the bushes a couple pages back are often mused to be Eshita’s might not be due to any particularly unique trait of hers, but rather to the very feline nature of her race. See page seventy for a comparison of Eshita’s and Rohit’s eyes. They are essentially identical. And remember the basic concept behind Eshita is “hindu cat-girl.”

    What I’m saying is David draws all his cat eyes as yellow circles with a vertical slit. Not particularly astonishing, but these little things help make the comic seem grounded and consistent and help the reader maintain a Willing Suspension of Disbelief.

  5. FuhrerKingLohengrin

    The snake looks a little too much like coyote from gunnerkrigg court. It’s just the eyes and the mouth and nose that reminds me of him.

    • reynard61

      Coyote is, IIRC, more black; but, yeah, Quetzalcoatl does bring him to mind. I certainly hope that he sees Laz the same way that Coyote sees Annie…

      • Dani

        Well, Quetzalcoatl was more serious than Coyote. His rival, Tezcatlipoca seemed more of a trickster, what with being a god of shadows and sorcery. Tez’ name means “smoking mirror” if I recall correctly, and he was a jaguar, while Quetzalcoatl was a feathered snake possibly with wings.

  6. LP

    So *that*’s where old Quetze went after Tezcatlipoca wiped out his people.

  7. EveryZig

    Featherboa (I know his name is actually Quetzacotal) seems to have gotten over all his followers dying. Maybe he found a new power source… I don’t know why he has wolves on him.

    • Em

      probobly rules that dimension

      • flibble

        the wolves or the snake?

        • flibble

          oh and i’m rooting for the wolves!

          • Eagle0600

            The ‘snake’, is Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec god of learning. He’s the one in charge, unless any of those wolves happen to be gods.

  8. CHaoS

    man, if someone could tame that snake and started riding it..
    it would be pretty damn epic

  9. Supertwitfan

    If my azetic lore is correct, that snake is a good guy.

    • CHaoS

      aztecs got good gods?

  10. Marvelous TK

    Dear Everybody:

    Quetzalcoatl. Most were close, but missed that L.

    Yours Truly,
    Some jerk who can’t mind his own business.

  11. eriendil

    With relatives like the lilitu, who needs enemies. Lilith did say that Laz was gifted at running and getting out of tight spots, she probably figured he could survive in there. If it was me, i’d find a high tree branch and stay there, but the snake would probably still get me…

  12. A Person

    Quetzalcoatl was actually a pretty benevolent god who helped his people out a couptle of times. But, considering the fact that a) He may have grown bitter (lack of followers, maybe?) and b) Laz is the kid of somebody else’s pantheon (who has usurped his own), he might not take to well to our protagonist. Or perhas he’s not Quetzalcoatl at all and just a giant snake, which is probably a whole lot worse.

  13. Amberblaze77

    But, if he is eaten, I vote Lillith takes over the comic!

    • eriendil

      Like I just took over the owl, here? ooooo…nice!

  14. Just Kevin

    Oh lord! A demon snake that spews wolf demons and giant saber tooth bobcats 🙂 No but really that is pretty damn sweet!

  15. Abeo

    Yay for Aztec mythology!

    Quetzalcoatl was a harbinger of apocalypse. He was liked by his followers but… at arms reach.

    Hey! He and Lazarus have something in common!

  16. Brownski

    I thought Quatzalcoatl/ the great feathered serpent was supposed to have wings!!!! (Quatzal) bird and (coatl) snake…. He also had a twin brother Xolotl who was said to have ruled (Mictlan) the underworld but his form was depicted as a dog-like beast…. Could be who the saber toothed beast is!!!

    • Dani

      And a sister Itzpapalotl, or Obsidian Butterfly, who had something to do with the underworld as well, but I can’t remember what.

  17. Mr.McDude

    happy snake? incoming Metal Gear Solid spin off!! oh noes!

  18. Mr.McDude

    i say that cuz i just finished playing MGS4 (Metal Gear Solid 4) and i kinda got lost on how many snakes there were. lol

  19. rennat951

    ahhhhh its the aztec / mayan times! run, Laz! RUN!

  20. Irrevenoid

    Please disregard my comment about the site not rendering properly. Looks like it had something to do with a plugin I was using.


  21. Warriorking4ver

    beautiful cover! Love all the animals!

  22. Derpington

    Oh hey ‘Coatl. <: This looks fuuun~

  23. arisblaze

    Really should read the chapter before commenting but can’t resist with comments like this-

    Quatzelcoatl, big feathered snake god of South American native tribes, commonly mistaken for the North American tribes’ thunderbird?

    Forgot the jaguar god’s name, & the backwards footed cryptkeeper Xototl…. what a combination!!! ^.^

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