Page One Hundred Twenty Nine: Quetzalroflmao

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  1. Grey280

    I’m kinda wondering how many people will get the ‘avocados’ thing. Keh heh, original meaning.

    • MrTT

      Eh, I wonder how many people don’t know that avocado = testicle. (specifically, Quetzalcoatl’s)
      if its “dirty” so to speak then everyone knows it, its obscure knowledge that doesn’t have anything to do with bodily functions that people don’t know 🙂

      • SkitZ

        Nothing will ruin Avocados for me… I wonder if avocado’s are good in shakes… ow… my testicles hurt…

    • eriendil

      …….as in, “testicular fortitude”. Hehe…

  2. approvedjunk

    Yay! I knew Quezty wasn’t a meany! But, he is quite a bit……smaller…than what I thought he would be. And I think Laz is happy now to have someone really on his side.

    • Thoth

      I doubt that Laz is trusting enough to assume that ANYONE is truly on his side at this point – unless, perhaps, it’s his foster mother. He was somewhat impressed to find out that she was actually worried about his disappearance.

    • Karadan

      Yeah, I was expecting him to be like 3-4 times bigger than he appears in that last panel.

      • Zack

        Maybe he’s able to change his size at will?

        • approvedjunk

          Well he still is pretty big for a snake. His head is as big as Laz’s and when you add in the body he is quite large. Just because he’s smaller doesn’t mean he can’t do anything….just look at Laz and you have the perfect example.

  3. moon

    witch meaning are ya tanking bout i got the heavos refrence

  4. Nat

    Hehe, avocados! That was a good one. Although he could have said “grow some tomatoes”, or “grow some potatoes”… Nah, avocados is better.
    (Do maoris grow kiwis?)

    Er… merry christmas, David. Enjoy the break and come back soon!

  5. fangrider

    i read someone’s comment that said he didnt eat humans then i figured it would turn out as it did.

    • pistolofshame

      Ahh… but Laz is hardly very human, is he? He’s a full-blooded demon, and who knows how Quetzalcoatl felt about demons?

  6. VelociraptorBlade

    It’s official. Queztalcoatl is my favorite god.

  7. BakaGrappler

    Laz’s line in panel 2 and 3 are now my favorite lines of the strip. Laz’s cynical, yet clinical analysis of the worlds around him just get better and better.

  8. eriendil

    HeHe, told you his showing up was no accident, would’nt be surprised about who the old man is either. It’s either Mr. Q here, or someone he’s taking Laz to. Lilith sure has gotten around, has’nt she?

    • Miri

      Well, she certainly has, but I wonder if she’s ‘gotten -around-‘ if you get my alternative meaning….

      • eriendil

        Yup, sure do!

  9. Uhl

    Hahaha! Grow some avocados indeed. Although Laz was right, falling over from blood loss would have been bad.

  10. Ricochetra

    Sexy, sexy filler art is always good.

  11. Onasaki

    Filler art sounds fun.

  12. Hoheh


  13. SkitZ

    Is it just me or is Antonio Banderas voicing the winged Mayan doom snake in your head too…

    • Shab34

      I got more of a Javire Bardem from him.

    • pistolofshame

      No, for me its Samuel Jackson. Dunno why.

    • Keeva

      Yeah, I hear Antonio, but at a lower octave… a bit of an older, wiser voice, you know?

  14. buritz

    *sees panel 1* daaaaawwwwwwwwwwww droopy demon eyes and ears

  15. Ember West

    Laz’s guide of how to handle life in two steps:
    Step 1: Look pathetic and scared.
    Step 2: Lay on the sarcasm.

  16. Warriorking4ver

    Yay, Quet’s a good giant snake god! With a healing touch no less! I can’t help but feel Laz’s mom has somesort of multiverse wide conspiracy going on here with allies in every realm XD

  17. Elkian

    Okay, SERIOUSLY IN LOVE WITH Quetzo here.

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