Page One Hundred Twenty Four: The Runaround

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  1. harleypuppy

    Insert bigger badder creature now?

  2. Tariel Corbeau

    Stupid kid is going to get his tail bitten off.

  3. william

    and pounce

  4. Onasaki

    Silly Laz. You’re so mean to the big giant kitty.

    • David

      Even the jungle, with all of its dangers, is not nearly as cruel as the common internet troll.

      • eriendil

        Your’e right Dave. Most trolls are cowards that would’nt speak up if they did’nt have the net to hide behind. Take a look at and see what happens to trolls when they get caught. (next to yours, my other favorite web-comic)

  5. approvedjunk

    Oh, bad idea there. You forget so easily that you are equally exhausted at the giant saber-toothed kitty.

  6. Draconis Noir

    Is it just me, or do the trees in panel 3 spell something? Looks like it may say ‘hell’, but I can’t quite be sure…. Or am I reading too far into it?

    • eriendil

      I see it, too. Remember the rune carvings in that little alcove Crowley got eaten in? I bet this is another of Dave’s funny background gags he plays on us!

  7. Kavukamari

    He should befriend the kitty :V

    Good kitty

    • Aslandus

      It just wanted a hug…

  8. BakaGrappler

    I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship of “It’s too troublesome to eat you, so I may as well tolerate you.”

    Hopefully this means Laz will be getting his Epic Nightsaber mount.

    • reynard61

      β€œIt’s too troublesome to eat you, so I may as well tolerate you.”

      I’m pretty sure that this is the basis of *ALL* cat/human relationships.

      • David

        I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten that exact same look from housecats even when I didn’t do anything at all to them!

        • Antonious

          The looks I get from my four usually amount to “you will do what we want you to or suffer, and no we are not going to tell you what we want”.

      • eriendil

        Mine only comes to me when she hears the can opener (dinner time), or when I address her as “your majesty”….

      • eriendil

        We’ll see if that changes if the can opener does.nt go off….

    • David

      @bakagrappler I don’t think his Darnassus rep is high enough, sadly =(

  9. Stripes

    Laz, you should never taunt something with teeth bigger than your head. That’s how you get eaten.

  10. eriendil

    Don’t get too overconfident, Laz. (you ‘lil smartass) You strill can’t outrun kitty. And if you get cornered and have to use your own sharp little claws, you had better get your licks in first! While you are busy razzing kitty, something else might be coming up behind you. If your’e truly lucky, your pal Eshita might be hanging around and inclined to help after she gives you another faceplant…..

  11. The Insomniac Poster

    You know, at some point he’s either going to get slapped or his face will stick like that!

    • grimm

      dont worry he’ll just faceplant again for karma (its the worlds version of slapping you)

      • David

        I try not to spoil things in the comments but…

        You know? I’m pretty sure that’s a safe thing to assume!

  12. Valahuir

    Clearly the cat realises that fast food is bad for it’s health.

    • reynard61

      I approve of this comment! πŸ˜€

  13. SomeUnknownDude

    Possibilities:1.that may be a different cat and suddenly other cat cat come actually very hurt and cant stand so fuckin smart,it knows where laz go 4.BEASTIALITY >_> 5.bird dino thing save laz…and try to eat him after

  14. Savi

    Poor kitty. The last panel made me think “What an evil child!” … And then I remembered the horns.

  15. Anime fan

    One thing I’ve learned, don’t F*** with the big cat.

  16. moon

    poor poor kitty kitty

  17. Supertwitfan

    and the cat is somewhat related to finding the old man they spoke of earlier and/or will help laz talk to the geezer who could be that big snake god dude.

    Or I’m horribley off and that cat is just comic relief.

  18. Eilios

    Laz should befriend the cat. Cat mounts are pretty cool.

    • Supertwitfan

      Like a(incoming WoW referance) tiger mount from Zul’aman I got yesterday

  19. twichyfan

    Despite cat mounts being epic they are totally unnecessary in Laz’s case. They run the same speed, I mean they could work together, or if the cat had a better endurance it would work. But they both got tired at the same time.
    Alternatively this could not be a cat and only a kitten, in which case when it grows up it would likely be a good mount.

    • Valahuir

      The cat might not be that tired, it may simply have disided that Laz isn’t worth the effort of chasing, after all why go to the effort of eating somthing that requires more energy than you get from eating it. unless your trying to lose weight, but I doubt that’s the case.

      • jagroq

        I agree that is not the pose of an animal that is struggling to keep up the chase. I would expect a low wide stance maybe on shaky legs. This cat took the time to not only catch up to Laz but lay down and get comfy. No, that is a cat who might be a little out of breath, but mostly has stopped caring. Now if Laz gets distracted enough that it gets a chance to pounce… well it might as well get a nap in while it waits.

  20. Rogue

    I would like to quote Murphy’s law and also the rule of there’s always a bigger fish

  21. Raven

    Look out! Here comes cat scorn!

  22. Topazert

    aaaaannnnnnddddd…cue snappy comeback from the giant cat.

    • David

      The response would be less snappy dialogue and more snapping jaws! :3

  23. Warriorking4ver

    Stopping to gloat at an exhausted man eating cat? Really Laz? REALLY?! My god kid, you really DO have a death wish XD

  24. Sufficientlyadvancedmagic

    I run around, you run around, we all do the run run run around.

    …I will never stop being a lover of good movies or stop being a nineties kid

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