Page One Hundred Twenty Five: Pay Attention!

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  1. eriendil

    You did’nt think it was over , did you, kid?

    • Disconnected

      You think he would know by now its never over.

      • Gamesghost

        are you kidding? Laz never learns about things that can’t burn a hole in a highschool locker.

  2. approvedjunk

    See what you get when you become smug? You become surrounded by a pack of animals.

    • Sparks

      Look on the bright side: “surrounded” is not “eaten.” Yet.

      • David

        Also if you look on the bright side, the pack is going to be able to feed it’s adorable giant wolf cubs tonight!

  3. myshrinkingviolet

    Haha!! Man, I love his expressions, though! He’s in serious trouble, now, though. But when isn’t he?

    • David

      I really don’t think he’s not been in serious trouble since the day he was born!

  4. reynard61

    Today’s Special: Leg of Laz, raw, with other limbs and various body parts on the side.

    • eriendil

      Dibs on the eye – BALLS!

  5. Thoth

    Well, those are more than big enough to make a tasty meal for something like the cat – so perhaps the rule of this realm is not just “you’re always being hunted” , but “you’re always either being hunted OR are hunting”.. Perhaps all he needs to do is think like a predator and to start hunting something himself.

  6. Draconis Noir

    Hmmm…. One to the left, one to the right….. And cue the one no-one saw behind him to jump out and eat him…. Oh dear, looks like this comic’s over folks!

    • eriendil

      He may need divine or demonic intervention this time…

  7. Topazert

    At least its only two…..

  8. Stripes

    Phase one: Complete. Phase two: …Ah crap…Laz they’re coming after you in numerical order! RUN!

  9. Cece

    Hard to carom off a tree if you can’t get a running start. Time for a little Demon Ex Machina?

  10. DanialArin

    Having subdued the cat, he probably should have claimed it. At least then he’d have a ride.

    • Uhl

      Had he tried that, he’d be missing a limb or two.

  11. Crestlinger

    Lol two that we can see, packs usually have an ambusher. I see 2 choices besides running, try using those vines as a garotte or dive far enough in that hollow stump and hope they can’t reach.

    • sirbacon

      Like velociraptors! The ambush, I mean, not the escape strategy.

      • Draconis Noir

        If I remember my Jurassic Park correctly, the method raptors were supposed to use was one decoy up front, and an ambusher either side of the prey. These may have reversed it though…. Or maybe there are four of them, and he’ll still get hit from either side.

        • David

          Clever girl… *camera cuts away*

    • eriendil

      Another good strategy for Laz (if he has time) is to identify which one is the leader, take him out, and see if the rest of the pack backs down. Those sharp little claws of his could rip the nose off one of these puppies if he would just remember he has ’em…..

  12. Jenn the Hen

    Is it just me or does Laz seem adorable on this page?

    • Anime fan

      Its just the LCD the Goc’t puts in the water.

    • eriendil

      He’d look cute on a chafing dish, too…

  13. flibble

    so now the question is did he watch the right episodes for these wolf like creatures… and at least he noticed them…

  14. Anime fan

    Hope he knows that wolves are bad to ambush prey and those aren’t the only two.

  15. Adam

    I say the cat will save him from the wolves.

  16. Warriorking4ver

    Guess ya missed the episode about how making loud noises in a jungle full of predators is a bad survival tactic, eh Laz?

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