Page One Hundred Twenty Eight: Quetzalrofl

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  1. Scardelanox

    lol i actually saw that coming

  2. myshrinkingviolet

    Hahaa, yes!! Man, I LOVE Quetzalcoatl! He’s my new favorite :>

    • David

      I know right 😀

  3. Dr. Cynic

    Yep, that was not unexpected. Law of the jungle: Kill, or be killed. It’s you alone against an entire jungle, and everything there knows it.

    Plus, in all seriousness, with his track record he should have seen this coming too. I mean seriously, look at the last few that saved him. One tried to eat him, one sucker-punched him, one tried to sacrifice him, and the ones before this guy shoved him into a portal to a land so dangerous that not even they had the nerve to go there. Seriously, trust no one, Laz. Everyone and their brother is out to kill you, except maybe your mother, which is ironic when one thinks about it.

    • eriendil

      You summed it up perfectly. As for the irony, why would Lilith (mom) send Laz there unless she knew he stood a good chance of surviving long enough to meet the “old man”? Would that be Quetzacoatl? By some ancient historical accounts, he was a protector of and benefactor to his worshipers. Mr Q, here could just be toying with Laz, letting him know who’s boss around there. The wolves obviously knew. I think Quetzacoatl was expecting Laz to show up, his showing up suddenly and chasing the wolves off was no accident…..

      • Miri

        Oh, yeah.

        Especially since QUetzalcoatl will not eat humans, period.

        But I bet Laz doesn’t know that!!!

        • EXRazeBurn

          True, but then again, haven’t we established that Laz is, in fact, a full blooded demon that merely THOUGHT he was human? I’m not so sure about the big Q’s demon eating policy. =3

          • Aslandus

            Quick, fight him off with your tiny demon tail!

      • eriendil

        Laz probably needs to change his underwear right about now….

  4. approvedjunk

    Awww….come on Quetzy. Give Laz a break, he’s been through quite a bit already. And besides, you don’t really seem to carry that ‘I’m a mean guy feel’, not at all.

    • David

      Who knows maybe he’ll come around!

  5. eriendil

    LOL, laughing at myself, now. Here I was, saying I just wanted to read and enjoy the story without getting into deep debate and discussion. Yet I now find myself delving into ancient history that is both stimulating and fascinating! With all this to read and research, a week without updates will go by quickly. Hope the holidays are good for everyone out there.

    • David

      Ah, getting lost in a pile of books is quite a timesink! Hey maybe I’ll have time to do non-research related stuff 😀

  6. FuhrerKingLohengrin

    “Trololololol” says Quetzalcoatl

    • Eagle0600

      Probably true. My feelings in this are probably influenced by the fact that this depiction of Quetzalcoatl reminds me a lot of Coyote as depicted in Gunnerkrigg Court (it’s the elongated, serpentine neck and grin, me-thinks).

      • FuhrerKingLohengrin

        I believe i said that same thing earlier in the comic

  7. EveryZig

    I suspect Quetz is just screwing with him. Probably.

    • Gravedigger

      Considering that he could have just eaten the wolves, who looked like they had more meat on them? Yeah, I agree.

  8. LP

    Told you Montezuma was a douche. 😛

  9. Uhl

    A good answer would be, “you could have eaten me at any time. You didn’t have to wait until the wolves were at my throat first.”

  10. Supertwitfan


  11. daymon34

    Yipe, not good.

    Maybe the answer should be “I all stringy and bone, hardly any meat at all.”

    • David

      Demons are incredibly non-nutritious anyway! Full of cholesterol and evil.

      • Senok el Tirun

        Just one thing: the originally demons dont was necessarily “evil”… More like the irish fey, just more frightening. The christian religion give this attitude the demons – and with the religion turn the accepted opinion.

      • eriendil

        Ptooiee! Remind me not to grab one when I’m out a huntin’!

      • Starcat5

        No, you are thinking about the common Internet Troll, which he ALSO is.

        Demons are full of Untamed Magic anf Wild Sex, of which you ain’t getting any. -_^

      • eriendil

        NOT very nice of you. Obviously you are yourself a frustrated (in more ways than one) TROLL…….

  12. Jenn the Hen

    Aw yeah! The Quetzalcoatl is one of my all time favorite Aztec gods / feathered serpents.

    • eriendil

      Me, too….. as long as he’s not perched in the same tree I’m in! Dave’s interpretation of Quetzacoatl is grade A, 100% awesome.

      • Jim

        hmmm hadn’t suspicion of that! we will be trlevlaing to Scotland in Mar as well as am bringing my TomTom One . we only might have to try that!(Like many electronics we do not consider it’s a complaint for a airlines as prolonged as it isn’t upon during a takeoff/landing.)

  13. hedgewizard

    It’s the famous spiritual leader, Mahatma Coatl.

  14. Onasaki

    Go ahead and cry, Laz. We won’t make fun of you.. much…>.>

  15. omgwtfpirates

    Quetzalcoatl himself, it is. Fun guy, it seems.

  16. fangrider

    theres no chance laz is gonna get more than 10 minutes to rest without another frightfull challenge comeing at him is there?

    • David

      Probably not, no!

  17. Eagle0600

    Be careful shortening Quetzalcoatl’s name: There is a genus of birds called Quetzals (colourful things, they are).

  18. Anime fan

    Hes bluffing, I can tell.

    • David

      Laz certainly hopes you’re right!

  19. ragnarokk7

    HOLY CRAP…IT’S A QUETZALCOATL…MAN I LOVE QUETZALCOATL!!! lolz…. man quetzalcoatl iz cool…

  20. Zack

    Not surprised it’s Quetzalcoatl, but when i first saw the multicolored serpent i couldn’t help but hope you’d be referring tot he Australian Rainbow Serpent mythos. Oh well still awesome and Quetzalcoatl is a really cool god. Kudos on the awesome choice.

  21. sarkid

    i hope owing Quetzalcoatl doesn’t mean he gets to eat laz

  22. Warriorking4ver

    Laz: O_O….Suddenly I miss the wolves

    Quetzalcoatl: I imagine you would >:3

    Laz: Can’t anyone or anything in these Bizarro worlds be what they seem?

    Quet: Nuh uh, now start running, I like to work for my meal >8D

    Laz: Balls O_O “runs”

  23. BanditoWalrus

    Quetzelcoatl! Not as cool as Tlaloc, but a cool gut none the less!

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