Page One Hundred Three: Feathers Flying

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  1. SkitZ

    I have a feeling that old sun gods make bad devil spawn sitters…

    • David

      I certainly wouldn’t hire one!

  2. Draconis Noir

    Hmmm, what with your kidnappers being slightly preoccupied with an army of infuriating but weak opponents, most people would be able to recognise this as an opportunity. Even without Lil’s previous statement saying ‘be ready to run’. I mean, what more do you need, a glowing neon sign saying ‘this is your chance to leg it’?

  3. Depriest

    I thought she said not to run?

    • Draconis Noir

      And that, is what happens when you try and rely on your memory. Jeez, one time I forget to check my facts….
      Anyway, so he’s maneuvred himself out of the way. After all, supernatural battles are one thing, but being stuck between two armys of darkness with no powers of your own? All you can do is hide.
      He’ll probably pop out from behind a rock or something after Crowleigh is gone.

      • David

        I’d hope so! Laz has been kidnapped enough this week. It’s gotta be getting old at this point!

  4. Uhl

    Not only that, but didn’t they ALREADY try the “go for the mortal” strategy with Azmodeus’ little spell?

    • Dude

      Yeah, but something tells me he’ll be harder to take down then the birdy things.

      • Uhl

        My point exactly.

        • David

          I think Mr. Bub has very little patience for eating minions.

        • Redryll

          The attacks on the crows seem effective as long as they target the skulls. When Crowley was attacked only feathers were hit. This makes it seem to be that the only way to damage Crowley is to attack something besides feathers. Anyone agree?

          • Draconis Noir

            So, you seem to be suggesting some sort of demonic spell of vast destruction…TO THE FACE!!!
            Now THAT is an idea I could get behind! (Because I certainly wouldn’t want to be in front of it!)

  5. Anime fan

    Heh heh, imps are just fancy running targets.

  6. Tyr

    Imps, what imps? All I saw were some skeet.

    • SkitZ

      Ohhh…. now I see them… they look better that way… yay lost soul bird thingies!

  7. Umm...

    Laz, I know you are hallucinating right now, but try and help out a little, m’kay? Cause, y’know, evil bird things are attacking and all… I just thought you would be helpful, alright?

    DON’T JUDGE ME!!!!

    • Uhl

      And why would he do that? So he can get to hell, the devil and guaranteed torture a little bit quicker? Some incentive.

      • David

        He does kind of have a very, very good reason to fear death now, doesn’t he?

        • Umm...

          ‘shrugs’ Crowley helped get him into this mess, it’s not like he wants to be with either of them. Anyways, I was being sarcastic.

  8. Zal

    Anyone else finding Lilith just pointing them to death amusing?

    • moon

      i am
      its like shes not even trying
      oh wait shes not

    • Faraway

      To me, it was like she was this stern mother figure pointing to the corner:

      “You are grounded, children.”

    • LP

      “POINT!” should have been the sound effect. That or “SCOLD!”

  9. Miri

    Okay. All caught up now!


    • David

      Go go power read-through!

      Updates are still comin’~

  10. Supertwitfan

    OH EM GEE! The three types of combat fuck yous have been made in one combat page!!!!

    The casual fuck you, were you look like you don’t even try.
    The Hardcore fuck you, where you are smashing things faces in.
    And the defensive middle finger fuck you, were you defend yourself from an attack with a shield or something.

    • David

      I enjoyed drawin’ this page, that’s for sure!

  11. Seru Valn

    I love the art style. The boy is so cute too!

  12. The Jester

    I lol’d at panel 4.

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