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  1. Just Kevin

    I am # 1 🙂 Anyways indeed what, what.

  2. Eagle0600

    Come on! He can’t be that ignorant, can he?

    • Michelle

      You think he’s ignorant because he doesn’t know who some random creature from ancient mythology is? If I remember correctly, he’s 12. A very smart 12, but still 12. I’m 26 with a graduate degree, and I have no idea who this guy is.

      • Lin

        He looks like a feathered serpent. If he’s THE feathered serpent, that makes him Quetzalcoatl

      • Eagle0600

        Really? I thought Quetzalcoatl was referenced fairly commonly in popular culture. Also, be glad I at least know the (very big) difference between ignorant and stupid :P.

    • David

      I think little Laz is more into the subjects of math and science than ancient mythology and cultures.

      • Caitydid

        There’s both a bird and a dinosaur named after the Feathered Serpent. 😛 He even weaseled his way into science! But most people forget dinos by the age of 10 and not a whole ton of people just happen to know about the Quetzal. Har.

        • Dani

          Ah. Quetzalcoatlus. My favourite. Imagine a giraffe with the wingspan of 2.5 cars, a six-foot-long head, equipped with a nastily pointy beak swooping down at you. Makes you happy they’re all extinct, huh? Biggest creature to ever fly. (In case you were wondering, the biggest land animal is hypothesized to be the Spinosaurus, at sixty feet long. Another favourite of mine! ^_^)

          And google the Quetzal. Weird-looking bird. Weird-looking feet.

      • Hadier

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  3. approvedjunk

    Who knows. If I came out of what he did I would be just as confused. He did just see a man turn into a snake-god-thing with wings and heal his wound. Plus you throw in everything else, yeah, I’d be asking what what too.

  4. buritz

    almost seemed as if the word “how” was replaced by what, and laz is freaking out cuz he doesn’t know how to convey that so soon after coming across it…

  5. sarssol

    His brain, it has been broken!

    • David

      Quick, someone get the hot glue and duct tape!

  6. the Fansheep

    It has been a looooooong day with nearly no sleep at all. No surprise he is a bit … rough with his questions

    • David

      I think every day since he got fell through that portal has been long and sleep-deprived XD

  7. Stripes

    Say what enough times and it’ll lose all meaning. So for this page I offer…huh?

  8. Abeo

    Pfff… somebody has been neglecting their ancient mythology studies. Not only is the subject fascinating but it prepares you for just these sorts of eventualities.

  9. Depriest

    This really needs to be made into an animation.

  10. LP

    Aw, coy snake is coy.

  11. eriendil

    I can understand Laz’s confusion somewhat. Up to now, everyone and everything he’s encountered has either tried to double-cross him, eat him or offer no help at all, let alone give him any sensible answers to what’s going on around him. I WOULDN’T TRUST ANYONE EITHER!

    • Blue Chimera

      It’s probably not a good idea to trust Quetzalcoatl either. He seems to be a bit of a trickster.

      • eriendil

        True, but it also looks like Quetzacoatl is going to end up being Laz’s babysitter…..

  12. omgwtfpirates


    Second panel, the first and fourth bands on Quetzalcoatl’s underside change colors from the first panel.

    • potassiumpotato

      Well hey, he’s magic.

      • eriendil

        Ooo! Prey!

        • Jenn the Hen

          No Mr.Owl don’t eat the nice Chinchilla you are supposed to eat tootsie pops not rodents.

          • eriendil

            oh, ok. I’ll be nice

  13. Jenn the Hen

    Laz is truly an eloquent speaker.

  14. ThatRandomDude

    In other words… WTF?!

  15. Supertwitfan

    what what in the butt?

  16. Kavukamari


  17. Caitydid

    Quezalcoatl reminds me of Coyote (just in general, not of any depiction of Coyote in specific. Although Gunnerkrig Court’s Coyote has a lot the same facial expressions). I don’t know why! He just does.

  18. Crestlinger

    possible translation:
    First what: what were you looking for me for
    Second whats: what do you mean? Weren’t you told?
    Third whats: told what?

  19. Allison

    I just saw this. YAAY! QUETZALCOATL! (Did I spell his/its name right?) I likies!
    …Why do I like Quetzalcoatl? WINGED SNAKE DUDE. That’s why.

  20. Warriorking4ver

    Didn’t study your mythology very closely did ya “gumdrop?” XD, he’s Quetzalcoatl, big ass feathered flying serpent god, he was big back in the day XD

  21. Matanui3


  22. Mike

    I say what what.

  23. Tarcival

    in this comic, we learn of the magnificent speakings of what’s his face the daemon kid.

  24. Voidreth

    What?! LOL

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