Page One Hundred Thirty Two: Family Issues

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  1. Eagle0600

    I might not trust the Lilitu, but I trust Quetzalcoatl. It was right of the Lilitu to send him here, then, and they gain a bit of credence through association.

    Either way, dude should listen to Quetzalcoatl: His father is not going to just give up, and neither is his inner Antichrist.

    • David

      Supernatural genetics can be such a pain.

  2. Draconis Noir

    I swear, sometimes, parents just make plans to screw up your plans! Shopping trip over the weekend, family outing on the day of the big party, end of the world before your thirteenth birthday… Sometimes, they can be so selfish!

    • David

      I know, right?!

      • Aslandus

        Laz’s dad didn’t even come to his birthday party, Crowley might be a jerk, but at least he had a party set up him to celebrate his destiny

  3. Jabberwocky

    “Quetzalcoatl seems to want to avoid the end of the world?”

    Well… duh. The world is where he keeps all his stuff!

    • netherstone

      dang i was going to say that but it looks like i was beat to the punch… oh well maybe next apocolypse

      • Aslandus

        Don’t worry, once this one is stopped they’ll just reschedule in a few years

  4. eriendil

    Guess I was right, after all.

  5. Uhl

    Ok, quetz, may I call you “Quetz?” How exactly should Laz “work things out” with his father?

    • eriendil

      I think that was a rhetorical question on Quezalcoatyl’s part. Both he and Lilith seem to know what they are dealing with, a loud mouthed little brat, the proverbial loose cannon on deck and a little pain in the a** that needs to be contained…

  6. LP

    Tezcatlipoca was always better at coercing people. Maybe he should be having this conversation. Then again, it’d probably end in rape if he did. :/

    • David

      Also if you stuck him and Quetz in a room together all hell would break loose. Again.

      • LP

        Vote Tezcatlipoca / Queztacoatl in 2012!

        • corvuscorone68

          sorry, it’s the Mayans that end the world, not the Aztecs, nice try tho ^^

  7. Jenn the Hen

    I really like the second panel today, Laz looks a lot more evil and sophisticated (not to mention more like a bad ass) when he is in silhouette. Though the bad ass part may be from Quetzalcoatl but that touch of red from Laz’s eye certainly does not hurt.

  8. miff

    Have you done any research on what the Mormon’s view of Quetzalcoatl are? Those silly Mormons.

    Are any of Quetzalcoatl’s brother going to make an appearance? That be interesting (and probably chaotic)

  9. Miri

    This is…. going to be fun. I wanna see what Quetz is gonna do with this brat. If I remember correctly, as the god of learning and knowledge, he really did like to teach people things.

    Then again, as the god of rivers, he could also go make Laz soak his head. Quite literally.

    Yes, I’m very interested.

  10. Warriorking4ver

    Love that creepy panel where they’re all in shadows!

    BTW, if Lil is Laz’s mom, and Satan is his dad…That means they obviously copulated correct? How did that come to be? When the two of them are together they certainly don’t act like old lovers XD

    • eriendil

      Not a pretty thought. I don’t think lilith did it willingly, her early comments “I can’t believe I’m doing this” and “you’ll get yours, prince!” suggests she was raped by the devil while in her human form and forced to give birth to the ‘Destroyer”. and is now showing a maternal instinct to protect her unruly, angry child as well as revenge for how the devil mistreated her. The known universe under the Devil’s dominion probably did’nt appeal to her either, as she originally was an old nature demon forced into serving him…..

  11. Depriest

    hmm, If someone was to do the voice of quetz who would it be?

    • kitsunekage

      Morgan Freeman. Hands down.
      Or claws, hooves, tails or whatever you have in place of hands…

    • eriendil

      James Earl Jones might be good, too.

  12. Kyoufu

    Ah, man. Hopefully you get to the Greek gods soon, because I want to make a crack at them, cuz of all the gods, they’re the most renowned for being selfish and petty. I’d make a joke at this one, but I don’t know much on Native American mythology, aside from some of it was brutally gory, and others were just worshiping of spirits. x3

    Regardless, we’ve already seen succubi, hellhounds, tainted satyrs, Native American gods, and crazy warlocks. I can’t even begin to predict what’s coming next, save maybe a Japanese yokai or something.

    • corvuscorone68

      ooh i would love to learn what it is the aboriginal Australians worship(ped), that whole Dreaming thing is fascinating, and i love didgeridoo music, totally hypnotic

  13. Puck

    ALWAYS listen to the god of chocolate.

  14. zebbythezombie

    i think Mark Hamil would be an interesting choice for Quetzs voice. For some reason i hear him in my head sounding like the joker from the batman cartoons

  15. zebbythezombie

    maybe its the smile..

  16. Voidreth

    i’d groan too, father-son confrontations are dreadful

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