Page One Hundred Thirty Three: Ruins

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  1. Miri

    Hmmm. Laz – since when did he say he was the god of “doing”? He said “learning”. Which means he’s going to teach YOU how to solve your problems.

    …..this is going to be sooooo fun.

  2. keykoh

    first! but seriously tho, this comic is awsome ^_^ and i always check for updates when i wake up and before bed 😀 great story so far AND the artwork is also nice. I like your style.

    • Supertwitfan

      The updates are always around tuesday and friday I believe, and he will tell us if he can’t make an update.

      He’s good like that.

  3. keykoh

    I got beated while posting 🙁 *shakes hands at sky dramatically and shouts “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…”*

  4. eriendil

    Mr. Q is the perfect teacher, getting Laz to use his own brains to realise finally what’s going on around him. If Laz will get over his anger long enough to shut up and listen, he’ll finally get answers and some real help in getting out of his predicament.

    • Supertwitfan

      Laz shutting up and listening? He’s a thirteen((right?)) year old boy who thinks he’s superior in class and has his own blog while he also believes he can make the world better by himself… I doupt that he’s going to shut up and listen XD

    • eriendil

      Tha’s why Quetzacoatyl was asked by Lilith to take Laz under his wing and re-educate his as to the critical role he is playing. Laz has every reason to be angry and frustrated, as she evidently told Queztacoatyl he would be, but he is showing the patience of a good teacher with Laz, who will calm down and chill out when he gets the coming answers he wants. Then the listening and the learning will begin when Laz is shown that his own big mouth is causing him trouble.

  5. the Fansheep

    So far his plan has been been stay alive and get away .. surprisingly both have been successful so far

    • Aslandus

      Lets make a to-do list:
      Don’t die
      Don’t end the world
      Kill inner demon

      When time is available: fix world and repair f-ed up family

  6. Uhl

    Laz’s anger is well past justified. He’s been dragged into one life-endangering situation after another without his consent, informed or otherwise. He’s quite sick of the whole mystic “figure it our yourself” crap. I can’t blame him for that, can you?

    • Aslandus

      The problem is, everyone wants something of him, and unless he starts heading somewhere, he’ll keep being batted around like a volleyball

  7. approvedjunk

    So it’s time for the big question. What does Laz want, that’s been bothering me this whole time. And are we going to see evil Laz again? (Still cheering for evil Laz to screw up whatever plans he makes, really want him to show up again soon.)

  8. sharshenka

    I just wanted to say that I really love the composition on the last panel, it not only looks gorgeous and shows a good comparison of the relative size of the characters, the fact that Quetz is curved like a question mark really highlights the fact that he is asking an important question.

    • corvuscorone68

      hehehe, Satan, Genesis, “Hath God Said…?”

    • Miri

      ….dude. I NEVER NOTICED THAT>

      Was that on purpose, Dave?

  9. DK

    Anybody noticed that those pyramids seem more southeastern asiaish than mesoamerican ?
    Also I’m loving this comic

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